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Measures Needed to Protect the Earth.

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The future of our planet Earth Name: Maja Faure Malzahn Teacher: Gonzalo Troncoso Date: 24th September 2010 Our planet is undergoing significant changes due to emissions of large amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) from overuse of fossil fuels. The affected countries are the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, China and Germany. Almost 25% of the population lives in an industrialized country, spending 80% of world energy. Every day the world population will increase which will generate more energy costs damage the planet. In addition to the great expense of energy release generates more carbon dioxide (CO2), which damages and damage the ozone layer that protects Earth from ultraviolet radiation. ...read more.


Global warming caused by CO2 radioactive forcing is expected as a result the cooling of the stratosphere. We also have to take care of water, a vital resource for our lives and the planet, with a deficiency of water cost us survive. But why should we conserve water? Water production is a reaction that takes many calories. If artificially created, will be to link two molecules of hydrogen and oxygen, is a very expensive process for the high power required could not be consumed, as the drinking water contains electrolytes that maintain the balance of our body, and having been consumed. ...read more.


Then I'll give you some tips on how you can help the environment: *Take your own bags to the supermarket. *Avoid use, disposable items such as handkerchiefs, kitchen rolls, cups and paper plates, plastic cutlery, etc. Believe it or not recyclable products industry is generating more garbage around the world. *Do not throw glass bottles. *Use old paper for packaging. *Do not use chemical pesticides and do not throw garbage into drains, polluting the rivers that irrigate our land. *Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth, you will save 10 liters. *Take a shower instead of a bath, save 150 liters. * Fill the dishwasher, is where most water is wasted. * Use saving bulbs. ...read more.

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