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Moniza Alvi Poem meaning

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Moniza alvi was born in lahore pakistian she moved to hertfordshire when she was a few months old where she grew.she went to the unviersity of york where she studed english. Peacock Luggage, a book of poems by Moniza Alvi and Peter Daniels, was published as a result of the two poets winning together the Poetry Business Prize in 1991 for her poem 'Presents from my aunts in Pakistan'. Since then, Moniza Alvi has written four poetry collections. John Agard was born in 1949 in Guyana. He wrote is first poem at the age of 16.Agard worked for chronicle newspaper as a sub editor and moved to England in 1977.1997 Agard won the Paul hamlyn award for poetry he traveled extensively thought performing his poetry. Although Agard lived in England since 1978 his imagination is still deeply Caribbean. ...read more.


The poet John Agard creates an image of a person of mixed race in tangible, loving expression of human being from different cultural backgrounds. That is written in free verse, the phrases are arranged loosely across. Presents from my aunt in Pakistan are a poem that is written in free verse the phrases are arranged loosely across the page. The poem is divided in stanzas of varying length; there is no rhyme scheme in the poem because the poem is supposed to be spoken loud to make sense. The poet as created an image of personal memories and culture beliefs. The atmosphere created in this poem is very intense because Agard is trying to tell us the readers that he is not a half-caste he just as normal as everyone. ...read more.


The poems presents from my ante in Pakistan and "half-caste" have two things in common culture identity and experience of living between to cultures. Both poems have talked about their culture differences but are not similar. Both poets have the same opinion about their writing poems .I know this because the both talk about the way the feel about their cultures. The poems are different from each other; John Agard talks the term "half-caste" and asks the reader to think how the term can be offensive, Moniza Alvi talks about how hard it was living in between to cultures. The poems are easy to understand if you've read different types of poems like have done. The poems did make me change my mind about, how people of mixed cultures or race find it difficult to cop in their community or country. Inonge Ikachana 10d ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Moniza Alvi: Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan section.

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