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My shoplifting friend.

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It was almost 2 years since my family and I migrated to Australia. Last year during the year-end school holidays, my friends (down my street) Edison, Simon and I {with the approval of our parents} decided to spend a couple of days in the city. Upon reaching the city, we went window shopping around surf shops and other music stores. While we were in SANITY, my friend Edison met one of his primary school- mate John. We were introduced to each other. I just wished that we never met him. John suggested that we go to the new OAKLEY'S shop which had just opened a couple of weeks ago. We asked him if he knew how much a pair of OAKLEY sunnies would cost. He replied in a snobbishly that money was never a problem for him. Upon reaching the shop, John began trying some fancy sunglasses. John asked the salesgirl for something and she disappeared, apparently to get what he had asked for. ...read more.


I have to admit that he looked rather cool in it. "John certainly has taste." Edison said admiringly. When I reached home I was panicking and troubled as to whether I should tell my parents but John's warning kept prompting to my mind. At the dinner table that night, I was so nervous that I began fumbling with the cutleries on the table. "What's wrong with you today?" mum raised her voice. "Nothing." I replied spilling my glass of Cola on my mum's favourite tablecloth. Dad stared at me. The next day, the four of us met at the same place again. This time, Simon suggested that we look at some new FUBU clothes and walked into a surf shop. While we were busy browsing through the T-shirts and jeans, John walked out of the fitting room and returned a pair of jeans to the salesgirl. "Thank you but they don't fit me." "Come on guys, lets go." ...read more.


"I'm sorry. Shoplifting is a very serious offence. All I know is that the four of you were together. Come with me to the manager's office, let me contact your parents and we'll sort things out without having to call the police. "Please don't call our parents, please" pleaded the three of us. "Please let my friends go. As for my parents they're not in town." Said John. I knew that we had no other options so I said that I'll call my dad and I ringed home. My prayers were answered when my brother Michael answered the phone. I told him what had happened and the dilemma we were in, I heard the receiver drop. My brother was shocked and he drove down to the city and settled the problem with the manager. My brother promised me that he wouldn't tell my parents about this incident. From then on, every time a letter came home I would run and fetch it hoping it was not from the surf shop or the police station. It's been two years and we have not heard from John. We hope that we will never see him again. ...read more.

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