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No Black And No White.

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No Black And No White The hot summer sun shone through the window of the car and it pierced Michael's eyes. Sweat dripped down his dark forehead and he brushed it away. He looked across at Mrs White. She had a beautiful sky blue hat with yellow flowers that shone in the sun. Her long cream dress moved in the breeze blowing through the car window. She turned to Michael and smiled. "Don't worry about it I'm sure you will pass. You have passed your driver's test before so why should you be so nervous about it?" she said trying to comfort him. "Its different here from Pennsylvania. There are more racist people here in Alabama" he replied. "Don't worry about it. I'm sure the driving inspector wont be racist," she said trying to reassure him. "I don't know about that" Michael sighed. "How about a bit of music to settle your nerves Michael?" said Mrs White. "Oh, ok then" Michael replied. Mrs White turned on the radio and tuned it in. ...read more.


"Why don't we have a little music?" he said Michael didn't reply and Mr Ewel switched on the radio it was Jimi Hendrix again but Mr Ewel didn't like that so he just mumbled something and switched it off. Instead he started humming and clicking his pen. Michael knew that he was determined to put him off but he wasn't going to let him. "Ok then; how old are you" Mr Ewel questioned Michael. "25" Michael replied "Ok let's start the test" Mr Ewel smirked Michael didn't reply, just turned the key in the ignition got the car into gear and drove off down the street. "Left here" said Mr Ewel. Michael did as he said and turned left. "You aren't a very talkative person are you Mr Jackson?" Mr Ewel said. "No sir especially when I am trying to concentrate," Michael mumbled. Mr Ewel pretended he didn't hear him and told Michael to park the car in-between two very large lorries. Michael didn't think that the gap was big enough for the car and he was right. ...read more.


"Why do you think? You almost killed us both," Mr Ewel said with an angry look on his face. "If I had hit the cat would you have failed me Mr Ewel?" Michael asked. Mr Ewel ignored that question and told Michael "I think it's best if you walk home" Michael hung his head as he got out the car and walked down the street, it felt like the whole world was staring at him. He was so embarrassed and people were muttering and talking behind his back. When he got back to the test centre Mrs White was waiting for him. She looked at him surprised. "Why didn't you drive back Michael?" Mrs White questioned him. "I had an accident and Mr Ewel told me it would be safer if I drove back so I had to walk" Michael cried "Oh dear, are you ok? What happened?" "A cat walked out in front of the car and I swerved to avoid it," murmured Michael. "You didn't pass then," Mrs White asked "No, I'm so sorry," muttered Michael Mrs White put her arm around Michael. "Maybe next time, maybe next time," she said reassuringly trying not to show her disappointment about what happened. Jonathan Bennett 10TO2 ...read more.

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