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Of mice and men presentation - Chapter one

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Of mice and men presentation-Chapter one At the start of chapter one the setting is tranquil, there are many animals to show that the humans will not be welcome when they arrive. The animals seem to own the valley. (OHP EXAMPLES OF ANIMALS) * Because the lizard is small it would need to be very quiet and peaceful for it to make a 'Skittering' sound. ** The rabbits are obviously very confident with the surroundings, which shows that humans do not go there often. The rabbits are a recurring theme in 'Of mice and men' *** Deer are generally very timid animals around humans so, again, like the rabbits it proves the absence of human life and it's effects on the wildlife. Steinbeck also uses a lot of natural colours that make the setting calm and harmonious. There are 'Deep greens' of the trees, 'Golden foothill slopes' and 'Yellow sands'. ...read more.


This is not only an example of the personification of the shadow, but it also dims the previously bright setting. This could be because George and Lennie are arriving. Darkness shows evil and although I wouldn't call George or Lennie evil the animals do not want them there. The way the two men enter seems to be very significant. George walks before Lennie even though there is enough room for them top walk side by side. This shows George's protectiveness and leadership over Lennie. It also shows Lennie is mentally younger and more simplistic because he is always copying like a child is. (SEE OHP GEORGE AND LENNIE WALKING) Lennie's simplicity is also graphically portrayed when he is likened to different animals. For example when Steinbeck says: 'His huge companion dropped his blankets and flung himself down and drunk from the surface of the green pool, he drank with long gulps, snorting into the water like a horse.' ...read more.


It is, however easy for the reader to be sympathetic towards George and understand his anger. Because Lennie isn't very clever, George often has to repeat himself many times. At one point George has to ask Lennie three times to put down a dead mouse that he has got. When they want to eat, Lennie wants to go to the ranch that they are headed towards but George realises that they will have to do more work if they go straight away so he says no. Lennie cannot understand this. This shows that Lennie just wants immediate satisfaction whereas George can look at what will happen in the future. It is also possible to see a kind, caring side through George's anger and frustration. He often says 'Aw Lennie' when his friend gets upset about something and comforts him. The first chapter gives an in-depth impression of what the two main characters' personalities are like and how they have similarities and differences. ?? ?? ?? ?? Daniel Collins & Andrew Rowlands ...read more.

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