"Of mice and men" chapter responses

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Of mice and men chapter responses

Chapter 1

George and Lennie settle on a riverbed in rural California for the evening. George is small and sly. Lennie is big and dumb. George is upset at Lennie and criticizes him for getting them run out of Weed (not to be confused with running out of weed, which has also been known to cause fights among unemployed vagrants; by the way, Weed is a town in California). He warns Lennie not to drink too much water and tells him to stop picking up mice--Lennie has a habit of petting small animals and stroking them to death.

Lennie asks George for ketchup. George yells at Lennie for being ungrateful (kind of like the time your parents gave you the "you're an ingrate" speech because you wanted pickles on your sandwich; you hadn't really done anything wrong, but they had had a rough day and you were bugging the hell out of them). George feels bad about his tirade and apologizes. Lennie begs George to tell him about the farm they're going to have some day.

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Chapter 2

         George warns Lennie not to talk. Lennie talks. The boss is angry that Lennie and George have shown up a day late and suspects George of taking advantage of Lennie. Curley shows up looking for his wife. He starts messing with Lennie. Candy tells Lennie and George that Curley is the boss's son, knows how to box, and likes to pick on big people. George warns Lennie to stay away from Curley. Curley's flirtatious wife shows up looking for Curley. Lennie thinks she's pretty. George warns Lennie to stay away from her.

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