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On Being The Youngest.

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On Being The Youngest "I hate being the baby!" That's a common statement one hears all too often. I'm the youngest one in my family,and the only girl among two brothers at that. Quite a number of my friends are the eldest among their siblings, and from what I've heard from them, their little sisters and brothers are probably just a few years away from the friendly neighbourhood psychiatrist. What with all the abuse, it's a miracle how they avoid becoming physically and emotionally retarded. ( sorry guys, I just had to stand up for those poor kids!). However, I firmly believe that every cloud has a silver lining, even if it's not always visible. ...read more.


Once, I remember grabbing hold of a handful of my brothers' beloved computer games and throwing them over the gate onto the path of an incoming car. I got a pretty good hiding for it, but ahhh, the satisfying sound of cds cracking under pressure out-weighed the punishment by about a hundred times. As the youngest, we are the worker ants around the house. That is, when our parents are not in. As a result, we acquire very important characteristics such as being responsible, efficient, hardworking, etc. There's this really misguided notion that the queen bees are always the responsible ones. All they do is to order us around, belting out commands like a drill sergeant. ...read more.


Still, not everything we gain by being the youngest is good.Haven't you noticed? The youngest one is almost always the fattest. Sadly, I'm a living testament to this. While both my brothers are lean, slim and thin, I've always been kind of chubby my whole life.The last cookie left? Let your sis have it lar. The last piece of pizza? Give your sis... All this food stuffing has left its mark on me physically. (Sigh) Well, I guess you just can't have your cake and eat it too...literally. All in all, I think life was intended to be a bed of roses for us young ones. Unfortunately though, a few durian husks got in the mix. However, at the end of the day, what really matters is having a family that loves you and cares for you, regardless of whether you're the eldest, the youngest, the in betweens, or even the only child. ...read more.

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