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Original Writing

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Harry Diamond Walking down the lifeless streets, a sullen look took over his unshaven face. He swiftly turned a corner. Almost dropping the pocket watch he was clutching to his chest, his pace quickening as he felt the wind grow stronger, his khaki, green trench coat hugging his thighs with every step. As he neared a rather dilapidated, apartment building, he began to fumble through his pockets; his hand flew deep into the left hand pocket off his thick, brown trousers, he sighed in relief and pulled out a rusty key. He walked up the pathway to the door and stuck his key into the lock; he struggled as the door hinges locked in place. He squeezed through the doorway, fighting the wind as he kicked the door shut behind him. He made his way down a dank, badly lit hallway, stopping in front of a peeling black door; he patted down his, short cut, brown hair and gingerly walked in, almost tripping over a large, tree-like houseplant that sat contently on a red rug. He made his way through the labyrinth of cardboard boxes he had been packing the previous night and into the lime-green kitchen, he opened a box and pulled out a large bottle of whiskey and slowly poured the brown liquid into a dusty tumbler that was set aside on the work surfaces. ...read more.


Where are you moving to?" "I'm staying with my sister until I find a place. And you?" "My grandmother left me her manor, so I'm going to stay there." "Sounds Lovely" Grace looked down at the boxes and the back up at Harry. "Would you like some help with the rest of your boxes Harry?" "Oh. Erm, sure if you don't mind." Harry smiled, slightly blushing. They began putting the rest of the boxes onto the back seat of Harry's car "All done" Harry said, slowly pulling out his pocket watch. He looked at the time and sighed. "Three hours until demolition". Grace looked up at him solemnly. "Why don't we go for some lunch Harry? It will take our minds off it" she spoke, smiling hopefully. Harry nodded shyly, slightly blushing. "Great! I know the perfect place." She beamed, gleefully. Grace began walking away; it took a few seconds for Harry to bring himself out of the daze he found himself in, before catching up with her. Grace guided him through quiet streets, meandering down shortcuts and skipping along the pavement, pulling Harry, influencing him to join in. He enjoyed her playful spirit. It made him feel alive. After twenty minutes of skipping past peoples houses, they arrived at a small cottage, slightly hidden by several oak trees. ...read more.


"Ahh young love." She sighed to her self. Harry rushed over to help her and they set the trays down on a lovely, white table next to the swing. "Why thank-you" she directed to Harry. He smiled and sat down as she toddled back into the cottage. Harry sat back down, and handed Grace a cup of steaming tea, Grabbing one himself they sat back together, resting their heads on each other and gently swinging back and forth. After hours of drinking tea, and nibbling cakes, talking about themselves and sharing stories, Grace sat bolt up right, looking shocked. "The demolition!" she mumbled through a mouth full of cake. Harry Gasped inhaling his tea, choking profusely. He rummage through his pocket and grabbed his pocket watch. "Twenty minutes!" he gargled. They rushed through the cottage door, swallowing the remains of their tea and cake. As they rushed past the counter Harry left a twenty dollar note by the till. They rushed, frantically back down the shortcuts and the gardens they had past earlier. As they neared the corner of their street, they both pulled out their car keys and rushed towards their vehicles; they drove them round the corner,screeching to a halt before running back-into each others arms. They took one last look at the buildings they once called home.As the wrecking ball wass driven up, they helld each other tighter, knowing that even though they were losing their homes, they found something new in each other. ...read more.

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