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Original Writing.

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Alex Wiltshire Original Writing - English Coursework "We do this every year and it's never any fun," moaned Jane, the older of the three siblings. The Wilson family were once again on the remote highways of Death Valley, USA on their way to visit David's brother, David the father of the three children, Janet, Kevin and Rachael often took his family to visit his brother, it was sort of a tradition. "Shut up Janet, we're nearly there," replied Liz who considered herself a stern but fair mother, but found it hard to ignore Janet's constant annoyance. "When we get there, there are only two bedrooms with two beds so me and your father are in one and Janet and Rachael have the other and Kevin you sleep on the floor. ...read more.


As Kevin dropped the last of the extremely heavy bags in the living room the rest of the family were drinking coffee and eating lunch in the kitchen. As Kevin walked in, not surprisingly, they had forgotten to make Kevin some lunch. "Sorry, I forgot Kevin, there is some bread and butter in the cupboard if you want" said Mandy. "Can you show us your garden flowers please Aunty?" said Rachael, "sure, follow me girls" replied Mandy as she walked out the back door followed by Liz and her daughters. After they had left, Peter had just finished explaining to David about his brand-new sports car he had bought not long ago. ...read more.


He strolled further into the woods and with every step, his heart pounded faster and faster and evil thoughts began to enter his mind. There was an evil presence surrounding him, drawing him into a destructive state of mind. Anger and rage began filling his body, all the hatred for people that mistreated him in the past combined into one evil filled idea of revenge. He turned around, his eyes filled with hate as if peering into them you were able to see the fiery depths of hell. He proceeded out of the strange woods, something amazing has occurred, the presence of the woods had built up a feeling of revenge in Kevin and as he walked further towards the house he had one idea in mind, revenge. ...read more.

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