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Stranded The holiday had finally begun. As I climbed aboard the jumbo I looked forward to arriving in Florida but the thought of the 8 hour journey was not a good one. I'm afraid of flying and rarely do fly but I was so stressed at work I felt I deserved a relaxing break. We had been in the air for about 5 hours when the turbulence started the pilot's voice rang out from the speakers above as the TV screens folded away into the space above. I felt slightly worried. Suddenly we hit further turbulence the plane seemed to drop dramatically. We emerged from the sky like a bullet out of a gun; I saw a small island nearing in the distance. ...read more.


One part of me felt like going back to look for survivors I poked my head through the gap...however, death was all around and nothing but silence could be heard throughout the pit of hell. There was trees everywhere the only clearing was where the remains of the jumbo jet lied. The clearing jumped out from the rest of the island. I took a few steps into the wilderness and dropped to my knees and began to sob. I started to feel dizzy so I lied down... my vision began to fade I vaguely saw several figures emerging from the wreck and then darkness..... I awoke to a bright sky... sun shining but it was lightly raining. ...read more.


As the dark powerful sky overwhelmed the warmth of the sun, I felt my eyes weaken and suddenly I was asleep..... I have learnt many life skills why I have been here. A few days ago I harpooned a fish the bright red blood spilled out within the crystal clear water and a few moments later the blood seemed like it bad never been there. I don't believe 2 weeks have passed already. The routine sound of the angrily crashing waves woke me every morning and I fell asleep to the relaxing sound of the crickets. One of the 3 who saved me has gone missing the others have built a raft and are setting sail tomorrow. I am making the decision to stay and look for him. Who knows what the dark future holds for me..... ?? ?? ?? ?? Mark Cousin 10E ...read more.

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