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Peter Liaibi Thursday 3rd July 2008 Wow! Amazing stuff. I have just found out that this year I will be visiting Paris, the capital of France. It's the first time I have even been there and I am just as excited as the North Pole is with snow. But it doesn't stop there I have also been booked in to fly with a private Concorde booked privately for my party only. The reason I will be going is because I will be meeting my long lost uncle for the first time. My mum said "I'm not giving away any clues" "Does he have money." I questioned "You had better get packing" she replied. Over the next couple of days, I spent my spare time trying to figure out what he may have looked and I was as clueless as new-born baby with a Rubik's clue, packing all the things I may need to share with my uncle. Me and my mum arrived at the airport. Anxious. Thrilled. My heart was pounding as if a race was just about to begin and I was the favourite to win. "where's the check-in?" asked my mum "somewhere in the airport" I joked. The airport was more overcrowded than a chicken factory. ...read more.


We had landed. France the home of the Eiffel tower. When we arrived at my family's house at midnight, I could see the standing tower lit up in yellow lights from just outside the house. It looked like a smaller version of New York City. It made me feel as if I was in paradise. I heard this loud engine roaring towards the house. There was a loud bang on the door. I was so scared I hid under my mum's bed. I thought I might need to call the police in case it was an evil intruder. The sound was in fact my uncle's manager who had come to tell my grandmother that my uncle is to catch the plane from Lyon on the next day, to arrive here in Paris. The next few days were the days I spent with my uncle were amazing. I got to meet my uncle's friends and spend some time talking about who he is, but they weren't giving away any clues as to who he may be. I met all different types of footballers including the famous Christiano Ronaldo. My uncle also shared a special friendship with the French king of pop, Xiavier Charles who has one of the finest voices I have ever heard. ...read more.


In fact, I was so brave, even Billy commented on how brave I looked. Every time I spoke my voice sounded like I had just won the lottery. How could I ever have thought that I would be scared to get on stage? Breathe...Concentrate. What's wrong with you? Since the day I first met my uncle, he has always pointed it out to me, 'life's a hurdle, believe in yourself and achieve your dreams.' This was the lesson for the trip "put your right foot forward, and you what you can" it was either that or I wasn't going to get the job done! So that's what I did, I was astonished, all I could say is "I've done it. I've done it. I've done it. I rocked this show. I can become famous doing this." So that was my trip to Paris. I had the opportunity to experience a culture that was terrifying yet fascinating. I was greeted by a family that were very warm and very comfortable people to be around. I bought designer accessories I bargain compared to English prices, but the most amazing time for me was, I managed to overcome my fears and delivered an amazing performance in front of over 6000 people. Now that's something I could become successful in. ...read more.

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