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Our Day Out - Analyse the cliff scene in detail showing how Russell uses dramatic impact to reveal character and convey his views

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Analyse the cliff scene in detail showing how Russell uses dramatic impact to reveal character and convey his views The title of the play is 'Our Day Out' Willy Russell wrote it in 1977. He was born in Whinston Lancashire. He grew up in Knowsley; a model village set in the countryside outside Liverpool. Once Russell had qualified as a teacher he worked at Shortfields Comprehensive School in Liverpool where his experiences lead him directly into the writing of 'Our Day Out'. While it was written in 1977 its roots were firmly planted In Russell's experiences at Shorfields comprehensive. Clearly all the vital elements of Russell's play were implicit on the day trip for the remedial department at Shortfields. It has many fast moving scenes. Some humorous others even depressing. The story is quite powerful and get you thinking about many things. It was designed for television in 1977 and made into a musical in 1983; there would be many difficulties to put it onto stage. The problems would consist of Mr Briggs car approaching the zebra crossing, having a lot of children on the stage at once and having the buildings on the stage especially the school etc The play is set in Liverpool in a very run down area and extremely deprived, the behaviour and problems that the children have are very visible throughout the play. ...read more.


She is in the progress class, which means she needs extra help with her education. You can tell that she does not like her home life. She hopes she can just get away from it all ' isn't it horrible...The dirt an' that. I like them nice places... well, d' y' think I'd be able to live in one of those places?' Carol brings this sort of conversation up many times in the play. She also asks the same question many times throughout the play ' Miss, when do we have t' go home! What's the matter love? Aren't you enjoying it? Yeh but I don't wana go home'. This shows the desperation she is facing. It also shows how much it means to her about not going home. That's the reason she wanders off to the cliff, to get away she thinks all her problems will go if she can just get away. At the beach, another one of Mrs Kay's bonus stops, Carol Chandler flees to the cliff without anyone knowing. This is the most important scene in the play this is because all the disagreement has built up so high and comes to a head, that Mr Briggs has a turning point and becomes someone different. Someone who he thought he would never be. Carol wanders off to the cliff, as she does not want to go back to her deprived home life. ...read more.


There is a sudden fade out and echo of the music and noise, which could symbolise that Briggs changed attitude, is just a snap shot and will fade just as the film exposed to the light. The film contained many pictures of Mr Briggs enjoying himself. That's why he exposes it to the light, as he wants it all forgotten with no memories left remaining. It seems as if he is disappointed with himself, as he has relax with the children. The Play 'Our Day Out' is not really relevant today. Special need classes are not all about fun for the pupils. The pupils are educated just the same as other pupils their age just with more help. The teachers are not like Mrs Kay and believe there is no point teaching them. As teachers today usually believe in trying to educate everyone. Although, there is still run down areas in some places so the story could be half-relevant to today. My view on the play is that it is very good and extremely well written, it makes you feel as if you are they're watching every scene happen. This is a good thing and means that Russell has done very well at describing the scenes. The play keeps you gripped and hooked right until the end. It makes you feel as though you can't put it down and every scene is left at a cliff hanger, making you want to read on and find out what bizarre thing happens next. ...read more.

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