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Our day out Briggs report

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English coursework Our day out Briggs report Dear Mr David The pupils from class2D otherwise know as the progress class was the only group allowed to go. An exception was made for Brain Reilly and John Digby. The children were not well behaved at all. They were running around the place at the castle and their behaviour at the zoo was atrocious. They took with animals hidden in their jackets. They were taking an interest in the animals but I was just taken for a ride. They ended up getting in the bus and the zookeeper arrived up and stopped the bus and told us that we had no control over them. It was really embarrassing and I was pretty mad with them. ...read more.


Those kids just didn't know how to behave. It's just as well I was there to keep them in order. It was really embarrassing and I was pretty mad with them. I said if she did not do something about it I would because they were just doing what they feel and I was sick of it. Then she said that we were going to the seaside. I thought that this was not a good idea because they don't how to behave! But we went and they wanted to swim but I said nothing about it. Mrs Kay said no because there was not enough teachers. They ended up losing Carol so all of us teachers went off to find her including me. ...read more.


When she was older. I finally got her down by tell her we were going to the fun fair. We then went down to the beach and told the children that we were going to the fun fair. So ever one was so happy, we got on the bus and went to the fun fair we arrived and we got started on all the rides and had the time of our lives we went on the roller coaster and the water slides and the merry go round. It was time to go by then and we got on the bus and came back to school. We were so tiered that ever one fell sleep on the bus. We final got in to town and we got off the bus and ever one went home. Over all the day was good. ?? ?? ?? ?? Chad Bennett ...read more.

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