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Pale View of Hills - How does the characters grapple with the discrepancies between their expectations of the past and the reality?

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Pale View of Hills Kazuo Ishiguro How does the characters grapple with the discrepancies between their expectations of the past and the reality? In the Pale View of the Hills, there are lots of characters that have to deal with the discrepancies between their expectations of the past and the reality. I will discuss how Ogata-San, Etsuko, Sachiko, Keiko, and Mrs Fujiwara deal with their discrepancies. These characters either evade or learn to accept them in different ways. Ogata has to deal with discrepancies that concerned education, democracy and freedom, woman's role and the relationship between him and Jiro. Ogata is a very traditional Japanese who contributed much to the Japanese education system before the Second World War. He was loyal, dutiful and hardworking to education. He taught Japanese to be obedient and introduced ultra-nationalistic ideas to them, which he thought was important and essential to keep Japan a strong nation. For instance, Japan was a divine and supreme nation, Japan was created by God and questioning was not required. He thought that his contribution would earn respect from society. In reality, some Japanese disagree with his thoughts and claimed them to be 'plunging (Japan) ...read more.


Ogata seemed unready to deal with the new situation. He tried to grapple it by claiming that women were headstrong and were becoming more American. There was a discrepancy between the filial relationship of Ogata and Jiro. Ogata still treated Jiro as a little boy and thought he knew Jiro a lot. When Jiro was tired and did not want to play the chess game, Ogata taught him that defeatism was unwanted. He also gave solutions to the problem that Jiro was facing while playing the chess. Not until Jiro loudly argued with Ogata, he did not realize that Jiro had grown up. He dealt with this situation by laughing over it. For instance, 'just like when he was a child'. He accepted the discrepancy and came to adjust it. He came to understand that he might be bothering Jiro and decided to meet Shiego himself and leave for Fukuoka. Etsuko's discrepancies mainly concern her role as a wife and a mother. Before discussing this issue, I would like to point out that there are displacements between Etsuko and Sachiko as Etsuko claimed that her memory becomes hazy. To a great extent, in Etsuko's memory, she puts her expectations and hope into Sachiko. ...read more.


She expects that she would put her daughter's interests first but in reality she did not. She was too self-centred that she might not admit to it and evade the situation. She had high hopes to go to America, in reality, she knew that the chance was very low. She grappled this discrepancy by thinking positively, claiming that failures were only setbacks. As I have mentioned, Etsuko may have displaced Keiko as Mariko. Keiko therefore expects to stay in Japan but in reality she ended up in Britain. She couldn't grapple with the changes of culture in Britain and therefore choose to suicide, which is a very pessimistic way of dealing with discrepancies. Mrs Fujiwara came from a distinguished family and expects that her life would be stable and comfortable. However, WWII took away her husband and leaving her son, Kazuo. She dealt with this discrepancy positively. She started her own noodle shop to earn a living and work conscientiously. She encourages other people to think optimistically about future and not to think back. To conclude, the characters dealt with the discrepancies both positively and pessimistically. Some learn to adapt and were willing to take actions to change their present situations. Some ignored the discrepancies and did not bother to investigate into the matter. ...read more.

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