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Persuasive writing

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Stunning South Africa! Stunning, spectacular South Africa. Three words that best describe this marvelous country, South Africa is truly the place to be! The soon to be host of the planet's most renowned event, the Fifa World Cup, South Africa welcomes you to enjoy and experience the holiday of a lifetime. With its new stadiums, infrastructural upgrades and distinguished people, you'll be in for a mind-boggling experience! As tourism is at an all-time high, what's stopping you from participating in the best World Cup ever? Success in hosting major world events: Commencing on the 11th of June and concluding on the 11th of July, the World Cup is known as the world's most enticing event after the Olympic Games. South Africa is known as a jewel in world sport, and has shown tremendous responsibility in hosting several other world events, namely the ICC Cricket World Cup 2003, the 1995 Rugby World Cup and the 2005-06 Women's World Cup of Golf. South Africa's continuous proven success has shown their unmatchable capability to host the Fifa World Cup for YOU! ...read more.


In addition to this, South Africa has pumped R3.5 billion on improvements to the country's rail and road networks. Wealth in the public sector and wealth in the private sector means wealth for you, as South Africa's economy is at its peak, now is a superb opportunity for investment. Furthermore, South Africa has developed and upgraded several stadiums for the massive volume of spectators that will be visiting. Stadiums that have just been constructed, effectively for the World Cup are: Mbombela Stadium, Nelson Mandela Metro Stadium, Kings Stadium, Park Peter Stadium, Mokaba Stadium and the most famous, Greenpoint Stadium. The stadiums that have been upgraded include: Soccer City Stadium, Ellis Park Stadium, Loftus Versfeld Stadium, and Royal Bafokeng Stadium; last but not least Vodacom Park Stadium has also been thoroughly improved. South Africa has directed every effort possible to create state of the art, outstanding stadium facilities to assist fans willing to witness the World Cup. Locals. People portray this as one of the most significant problems South Africa may face during the World Cup. ...read more.


Security Concerns: Unfortunately many people have aroused concerns about safety in South Africa. This may have been a significant problem a few months back, but the South African authorities have accomplished marvels upon marvels this year and found that security control was but a small target to achieve. The government has dispatched massive teams of policemen and detectives to combat any forms of transgression and crime has reduced by an inconceivable fifty percent. Although this is hard to believe, several media reports including CNN and the BBC have also shown significant drops in crime rates over the past three months. In a newspaper report by the South African Daily surveys showed that 87% of 1000 people agreed that they would help out any tourist or even welcome them into their homes if need be. Conclusion: South Africa has put its utmost efforts in creating the perfect World Cup atmosphere. What more does a fan like you need to take part in the best world cup ever known to mankind? Don't miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Book your tickets now and be a part of history. ?? ?? ?? ?? Muhammad Ansari Gr 10 blue English Course Work Piece 2 ...read more.

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