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Persuasive Writing

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104 House Lolage Street Newport Isle of Wight Dear councillor, An issue has arisen. I understand that you must get many letters informing you of the problems bringing our island down, and that reading each and every one must seem extremely tedious for you - and so I thank you in advance for taking the time to read mine. I'm a student of Medina High School, travelling on a public bus to school during the rush hour each morning and, as I'm sure you're already aware of, the traffic accompanying me and fellow students on this journey is horrendous. It is this journey into Newport each morning that brings dread to the hearts of the many thousands that too have to suffer this mind-numbing experience of driving along at a speed of one-mile-per-hour, all to reach destinations that ideally should take at least half the time to reach than they actually do. Problems like this may seem insignificant in comparison to many others you encounter with, and that a financially possible solution may seem distant, but I'd appreciate it if you'd take into consideration some of my suggestions. ...read more.


All because of a late bus caused by the recipe for road rage that is our island congestion. If something isn't done to relieve the island of this ever-growing traffic crunch, the matter will only become worse until it is eventually out of hand. One possible suggestion would be to lower the bus fares; based around the fact that 8 out of 10 students already travel by bus to school. By lowering the fare more students would be encouraged to travel by bus; and, hence reduce the amount of cars on the road. Bus passes enabling students to travel cheaper than regular fares have already been distributed, however traveling by bus twice a day five days of the week may still be found costly by some, despite the passes. Not only would this help solve the problem of congestion, but would also provide an easier life-style for parents currently choosing to rush alongside their children each morning, then endure the journey and become late for work themselves. ...read more.


It would also be much safer, for all students would be picked up personally and guaranteed a seat, and the safety of the children is a priceless pledge, as I'm sure any parent would agree. The 'Yellow Bus' system would most definitely reduce congestion, taking its own routes and deterring students unnecessarily using private vehicles, and it would be financially possible and an easy adaptation. I have myself experienced the system during a stay in Malta, and I must say the knowledge that the bus would arrive for me personally relieved me of any worries of missing the bus each morning, something I'm sure everyone's been familiar with at one point or another. It's been working for years in America, why not here? I'd appreciate it greatly if you'd take into consideration my suggestions for it is essential something is done, and although the problem is out of my control, you have the power to make a difference and benefit our island. It's simple really, with extremely noticeable results; settling the unnecessarily rushed citizens who would have previously participated in the 'rush hour'. Thank you for reading. Yours sincerely, Dana Sammut ...read more.

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