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"Power, property and inheritance"(Steve Dollimore). Do you consider these to be the central concerns in King Lear?

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KING LEAR ESSAY "Power, property and inheritance"(Steve Dollimore). Do you consider these to be the central concerns in King Lear? In this excellent piece written by Shakespeare, we can notice, that what drives and controlls the plot is the non stoping search for, power, property and inheritance. We can see these factors through the plot in different ways. So in this essay I will try to demonstrate that whoever the character is, he is always insearch for position. This search for power takes place by different means. The first event of this will for power is taken into plot by two of Lear�s daugthers, Regan and Goneril. They gain plenty of power for just being dishonest. They try at all cost to recieve benefit. This power they want is used against themselves and against Lear. This Power for them is adictive, once they have some, they want to have more. This is what destroys them at the end of the play,their competition for power. At the same time in the plot we have Cordelia that after hearing her deceiving sisters decides that her search for power has to be done by means of honesty. ...read more.


As the play goes on he shows morality, intelligence and respect and love to his father. This is why when the play comes to order at the end, he receives the most important position, he becomes King of England. To show how important power is in this play, Shakespeare writes for the wisest character in the lay to say, a long speech in rhyming couplets. I�m going to quote it for a better analisis. "Have more than thou showest, Speek less than thou knowest, Lend less than thou owest, Ride more than thou goest, Learn more than thou trowest, Set less than thou throwest; Leave thy drink and thy whore, And keep in-a-door, And thou shalts have more Than two tens to a score." In this speech I can notice two parts, after and before the point and comma. The first part is made to make Lear learn how to handle and take care of power and property; which are shown to be important. He explains that power and property of importance are determied by: what you have, this means your property, territory. ...read more.


This play in some way show also, that intelligence can be determined by the ability of persuading, controlling and deceiving. A very interesting characters that turns some things around and adquires this kind of power is Edgar. Edgar had property, but when he is tricked by his brother, he shows his lack of wisdom. When he escapes, he adquires some knowledge, the first sign of this is that he disguises to avoid death. His power in terms of knowledge accumulates at the end of the play when he is left as the king. There he realises everything happenig around him. He is king because he first had knowledge, just opposite to Lear. "False to thy gods, thy brother and thy father," Edgar speeks what he knows to Edmund. In conclusion, I think it may be correct to say that power, property, and not so much, inheritance are very central themes of this play. This is because the importance given to the search for power, the lending of power, the importance of power and the importance of power as knowledge, which can be seen as a very frequent theme in our days. Written by: Juan Ignacio Sanguinetti ...read more.

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