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rita novel movie

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The play is all about Rita who wants to change. At the start of the play she changed her name to Rita but later changed it back to Susan. She wants to change from the inside. At the beginning she is a working class hairdresser in Liverpool and she is dissatisfied with her life. She wants to break away from the working class and wants to become middle class so she joins an English literature course at the Open University because she believes that it will give her more choices in life. By the end of the play she becomes more independent and self confident and has gained an education. She still wants more education but has gained the ability to choose what she wants. At the beginning she wanted to be like her tutor Frank who is middle class and educated. By the end of the play Frank is drinking more and because of this he loses his job and splits up from his partner. The character that changes the most is Susan. She is a working class hairdresser with no education and wants to change. At the beginning she changes her name from Susan to Rita because she thinks it sound more sophisticated and middle class but realises to change properly you have got to do it from the inside. ...read more.


It's that bleeding door. You wanna get it fixed!' she has a liverpudlian accent and swears a lot 'y' know when I'm in the hairdressers that's where I work- I'll say something like, oh, I'm really fucked, y' know dead loud.' Frank also changes but not as much. He is an alcoholic and starts to drink more as the play progresses ' it is indeed I have so much goin' for me that I do it. Life Is such a rich and frantic whirl that I need the drink to help me step delicately through it.' Frank is educated and speaks Standard English but because he starts to drink more it comes in the way of clear speech. Frank understands just being educated will not solve Rita's problems. At the end Frank loses his job because of drinking too much and because of being drunk during lectures. Rita gives Frank a new haircut and he gets a new job in Australia. This may suggest that change is for the better. Rita no longer needs Frank and her independence coincides with Frank's downfall. The dramatic devises that are used are symbolism such as the dress it does not change you inside. At the end Frank buys Rita a dress for an educated woman. Frank gets a haircut. ...read more.


Frank disagrees with Rita and tells her to look around her. He has a romantic idea of working class culture but to Rita getting drunk and singing in the pub on a Saturday night is not culture. Rita describes herself as a 'half-cast' because she does not fit in anywhere. 'I can't talk to the people I live with anymore. An' I can't talk to the likes of them on Saturday' or any of them out there,' meaning that she can't talk to the student that are out side, 'because I can't learn the language. By the end of the play Rita has changed from not being able to express herself with out swearing and not being confident to being able to express herself with vocabulary which she has learned by the end of the play and being confident. Change is not as simple as changing one set of circumstances for another. The two main characters have different outlooks on life and this is explored throughout the play. The dramatic devices and highlights are used to show the changes especially in Rita. Change is hard it does not happen overnight. You will have to lose before you can gain such as Rita losing her husband but she has gained an education the main thing in the story is choice. Rita gains a lot of choices but does not know what to do. ?? ?? ?? ?? Rizwan mohammed ...read more.

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