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Educating Rita

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During the whole book Rita firstly decides to try and change by for the open university changing her name to rita. She does in Act 1 just when she joins the open university trying to show that she wants to change for Frank and start a knew life. At the beginning of the play she is basically just a hair dresser and she feels and knows that she is not getting anywhere. Basically she is a married woman and she knows that she is going to be like everyone else a normal underclass job have a baby but her knew attiude is that she wants to be not normal. When I mean not normal I mean someone slightly different to her class a person who wants to learn she wants to be able to do all the things clever people do. Her knew attitude is to learn and to find out who she is and not have a baby till she finds out her true self. ...read more.


But she proves that it is mentally she has to change no other way. This proves that she is becoming mentally more intellcutual and she does not have this childish view over her life. This also proves to me that she has a better view of hw to change nad how capable she is making her future a more interesting and intellcutual one. This also shows to me that she is not nearly as victiamsed by Frank as in the beginning. One of the big changes during the play is that she builds up the strength the personality and intrerellect and without being told goes to a macbeth play. This shows me that she has changed in the way of her intellctual and also the way she enjoyed a shakespere which before she came to the open university was out of the question. This proves to her that she is capable of achieving her goals when she puts her mind to it. ...read more.


When Rita goes to Summer school she comes back wearing knew clothes and a knew strength. She then shows them off to Frank but really she knows that they are from a second hand shop and a different her style and she comes back showing of to us and Frank that she ahs completely changed. After summer school she is not smoking anymore and she shows to Frank that smoking is for weak people completely contracting herself from the beginning of the play. Her looks ahs effected people because know she feels different and can know not go back to her husband because she is a changed person. She also finds she is intelecually infront of her family and when going to the pub she finds hard to mix with everyone and does not feel in the right place. Towards the end she has prove to herself by passing her exam she has proved that she has changed and Franks knows and this has also changed him. ...read more.

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