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romeo and julliet

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Pre 1914 poetry A comparison of poetry about life Dover Beach and Light Shinning out Of Darkness were written in 1769 and 1851. Dover beach was written by Matthew Arnold and light Shinning out Of Darkness by William Cowper. These poems are similar because they are both poems about religion. With Cowper, he writes and hymn/song which makes it more enjoying to read. Light shinning out of darkness is about how "God is mysterious, his purpose will ripen fast" these show that even tho we don't see go, whatever choices he makes they will always be for good and we will see them clearly. Gods wants us to have courage and if we do we will be rewarded for it, God wants us to trust in his grace and do not think he is mean but to see his kindness as Cowper describes as "behind a frowning provenance hides a smiling face". ...read more.


He then goes on to say when he hears the waves come in and out it reminds him of human misery. In stanza 3 he explains about the sea of faith about how it " was once too, at the full and round earth shore", he thinks that everyone has lost faith as it used to be full and everyone believed I God now it is retreating because now more people believe in science. In addition he finally writes about how he thinks the earth is a beautiful dream and the only thing that we don't have is all the "joy, love light, certitude, peace, pain which people have no idea why they do not have as he writes "ignorant army's clash at night" which ruin the beautiful earth that Arnold sees. ...read more.


William's poem say's that life can be hard at times us that we should put it behind us and take courage from God, as he writes " ye fearful saints, fresh courage take, the clouds ye so much dread", it has a optimistic side of the poem. It is a hopeful poem and very religious. However with Dover beach. It is very pessimistic and sad, how he thinks that the world is not very a happy world because not everyone believes in a religion and they have started to believe in science instead of goad, Matthew describes the misery of the human race when he hears the sea so I do think this is a very depressing piece of poem. ...read more.

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