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Rugby Tour 2002.

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Creative Writing GCSE Coursework. Rugby Tour 2002. It started well in my opinion, arriving at school on time, the place in which I have been enclosed for the last four years and to come back during a summer holiday was weird, no one around shouting, screaming or kicking footballs at you. Looking around, the Car Park seemed different in the dark, almost as if it had a second personality, the trees flowing in the wind, under lampposts, which cast long, deep dark shadows across the dark tarmac surface. It felt like we were prisoners, being hauled onto a bus, struggling to find a seat and when we did, complaining because you had someone who just didn't smell or sound right. We drove off, down the road, leaving parents, English countryside and the native language behind us, it gave me a sense of independence, being away from family, breathing down your neck, or just homework, waiting to squash you into a pulp because there was so much. Although the burden of all that was on my shoulders, I still found time to forget it all, and concentrate on the trip itself, we had a long journey, so I had plenty of time for that. ...read more.


Also I was hoping that the drivers would say we were in the wrong place, and we would move up the road to a better, more "equipped" centre. By the time we were introduced to the instructors, it was time to gather our belongings and find our rooms. They were basic yet adequate, I was surprised to find that it had all four walls standing and was pretty well kept, with plain white walls, and 5 bunk beds somehow pushed into the room, leaving minimal space to move or put your belongings. The 1st night there was strange; I didn't get much sleep and just laid there thinking what am I doing here! But finally when I did manage to get to sleep, the warm stale air and strange noises made it difficult to sleep and I couldn't sustain it for long periods. The alarm call was sudden, quick yet did its job "Room Inspection 8.20" meant a lot to us, so we all tried to get out of bed at the same time only to find there wasn't enough floor space for us to move, so some offered to go back to bed, mainly the lazy ones. As for me, I dragged myself, across the cold damp floor into one of the bathroom areas, here every morning was the same, the ...read more.


Also during the Game on the last day I managed to fracture my fingers when my arm was so rudely trodden on, and twisted around 270 degrees the wrong way, although I didn't know it, when we got back to England I noticed my finger was at a very obscure angle and I couldn't move it, so I went to get it checked out, and I found out about it, it was a surprise to me and I had also pulled all the ligaments in my hand, and that's why I couldn't move it. Friday soon came, various activities completed, and lots of training done. This was the test, game time. We lined up for the start, focused, with fire in our eyes, ready to slaughter and take down the confidant opposition. With high quality training from Mr Larcombe and Mr Roderick and various coaches at the centre, we had a triumphant win, and celebrated in the evening with a karaoke night in the bar. Although the last day should strictly be the best, it wasn't in my opinion, the only highlight was my excellent rendition of "Wild Thing" and the Mr Burley Mr Hunt duet. The whole trip may have been different to what I expected, but the trip started on a high and finished with an electronic frenzy of not wanting to leave. The whole group was a credit to the College, and the behaviour was exceptional. 1 ...read more.

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