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Should Shark fin soup be banned?

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´╗┐Khan MD Monir Final Essay Khan MD, Monir ID: 129007 Subject: ENG201 (A) Banning Shark Fin Soup In China, Shark fin soup is a delicacy for the upper class. Historically, the Chinese emperors would desire a bowl of shark fin soup due to its rarity and exotic nature. Now in the modern times, the standard of living are on the rise, many families would demand for shark fin soup since it symbolizes ones wealth, and power. However with the constant demands of shark fins soup, comes along with certain consequences. In China, Shark fin soup should be banned for the following reasons it is unsustainability, inhumane, and there are alternatives. ...read more.


Therefore it is unsustainable to keep up with the constant demands of shark fins for the soup. Furthermore, Sharks are killed inhumanely. To obtain the fins from the sharks, fishermen would fish for sharks, cut off the fins while the sharks are still alive, and release the sharks without the fins into the sea according to the website². Letting the sharks to die a slow and gruesome death in the sea. The method that is used by the fishermen’s is very inhumane. Moreover, there are alternatives for the shark fin soup. Since the shark fins are virtually tasteless, alternatives such as vermicelli and gelatin products from soy beans for vegetarians, or pork gelatin would be a great substitute for the shark fin soup because these food when put into the soup, they appearance of the texture is similar as the real shark fin soup. ...read more.


To sum up, banning of the shark fin soup should be the first priority for china, since they have the most demands for the soup, causing it to not be sustainable. Also a large number of sharks are being killed inhumanely for that purpose every year, destroying the balance in our ecosystem because of its rate of extinction. There are variety substitute for the shark fin soup, with that it would help with saving a lot of sharks, and many people of many income classes would be able to enjoy the new and artificial shark fin soup, since they can afford it and it still the same taste and texture comparing to the real shark fin soup. These are very important reasons to keep in mind when banning shark fin soup in China. 1:http://www.ft.com/intl/cms/s/0/2edbd864-c5b5-11e1-a5d5-00144feabdc0.html#axzz29dQqm7Yw 2: http://www.stopsharkfinning.net/ ...read more.

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