Why should smoking be banned?

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Puja Navalani 11A

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Why should smoking be banned?

In my opinion, I think that smoking should be banned. There are several reasons behind my thinking. Firstly, smoking is addictive. Once a person is addicted to the nicotine it’s extremely hard to quit knowing that there are future health consequences they have to face. The addictiveness causes people to continue smoking and later, suffer with the deadly disease of cancer. Smoking has been proven to be harmful to the body. Millions of people die every year due to smoking. There are more people who die from smoking than from drugs, alcohol, aids, car crashes etc. This means that in the future, the death risk for heavy smokers will be increasing. Smoking does not only lead to cancer but also other various diseases such as emphysema.

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Due to all the deaths of heavy smokers, the government is likely to be concerned for their huge population. Heavy smokers do not only put themselves at risk but also the people around them who do not smoke at all. Why does the public have to suffer by breathing in the smoke cigarettes produce, just because of smokers? The pollution is also affecting the environment and smoking has become an environmental issue. Although everyone has their own freedom to do anything they want to, does it mean that they put theirs and others lives at risk? Without being aware, ...

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