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Sport Stars And Those In The Media Are Poor Role Models For Young People, Discuss.

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Sport Star And Those In The Media Are Poor Role Models For Young People, Discuss. You go into any newsagents and on either the magazines or newspapers you see there's a headline about someone famous being arrested, using drugs, being racist or being a party animal, are these the kind of people the youth of the U.K should be looking up to? Are they suitable role models for young people who are faced with so many tough lifestyle choices in our modern world? I think everyone would agree when I say that we are bombarded with images and information about celebrities. We all could say something we heard on the radio or in the tabloids that a celebrity did recently, and the chances are it wasn't a good thing. Young people who somewhat follow their idols, to some extent to when Olympic diver Grey Lougains encountered a 10 year old smoking a cigarette, surprised he asked the child, " Why do you smoke?" ...read more.


Lance Armstrong would be a role model we'd want our children to look up to. Movies, they make us laugh, they make us cry. Isn't what makes a good movie is usually the leading actor? We see them in movies like Gladiator where they fight for freedom. Australian star Russell Crowe played The Gladiator and in his latest picture he's fighting for... Nothing, infact it's not a movie he's fighting in, nope he's fighting in a hotel and ends it by throwing a phone at a hotel employee. Is this the kind of behaviour young people should be seeing in their eyes as good? If Russell Crowe did it I'll do it to! Musicians are defiantly a breed of star that a lot of young people look up to. It is important that the people who make the music we love are good role models? Live Aid has been a very successful charity and has raised millions upon millions of pounds for countries struck with poverty. ...read more.


Racism is a very serious problem in the world today, not as much as it was in the early 1900's. But when a whole crowd of fans chant racist remarks at Samuel Eto'o, Eto'o stormed off the pitch and refused to resume playing the game. In response to this a group of footballers including Thierry Henry and Ryan Giggs appeared in an ad against racism. Yet another example of famous role models making a stand for justice! To conclude I think that there are always going to be good and bad role models but the good role models make the real difference. Young people would probably idolise and emulate the good role models more than they would the poor role models. Instead of being racist, a party animal, and a criminal. They'd donate to charities, exercise, be anti-racist, help others and believe in them selves. To sum it up they would be better people. I do acknowledge the power of media/spot stars etc but I think most young people are becoming much more discerning and analytical to become celebrity copycats! ...read more.

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