'Young people are not lazy; were under more pressure than ever before'

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Young people are not lazy; we’re under more pressure than ever before

I’m Mike Smith, a fifteen year old student currently living in North London. I believe that as a young person, we should make the most of the time we have in order to fulfil our dreams and hopes in the future. The word ‘teenager’ often gets thrown around, which for some immediately sparks a negative image. I would like to explain why this is simply not true.

Firstly, I would like to begin with the point that in all parts of society, there are people who will be unwilling to work. This is true for teenagers; this is true for young adults, and even those people who are halfway through their lives. This aspect of laziness does not exist only in young people; it also spreads to all of our society and therefore we cannot just accuse one particular group of being lazy. We all affect each other, and it could quite possibly be that the minority of young people who are lazy are lazy simply because they see other people being lazy, and then believe that that is the way they should behave. However, this is only the small minority.

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In many cases, young people including students like me already realise the importance of education. We already understand that this point in our lives could make life-changing events happen and also affect our future. Many of us are already taking action by studying hard, doing extra work and research in order to further our education and stay ahead. However, that doesn’t mean that just because work is important that we should always work non-stop. In order to work effectively, we need to be able to manage our ‘work life’, as well as our ‘actual life’ and balance the two correctly. ...

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