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Teenagers and alcohol

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´╗┐Teenagers and Alcohol Teenagers and alcohol is a topic about which people have strongly contrasting views, especially in relation to the opinions of the authorities and teenagers. Some of the main issues that will be covered are age, behaviour, health, problems, legislation and cost. The law has a major part to play in this topic, as the police have to uphold the law when they get a call from a resident, shopkeeper or passer-by and this is where the conflict around the issue arises. Personally, I am against the idea of illegal drinking but I realise that it is a complex issue An example of what may happen when alcohol is abused was reported in The Metro by Stephen Deal. A young girl aged 14, attended a friend?s house party on June 11th 2005, where she drank until she was ?unconscious?. This lead to her being ?indecently assaulted? by two men, who filmed all the events on their mobile phones. They then showed images of the attack to staff at their work places. The men were then taken to court and found guilty. This is a terrible example of what can go wrong when a young person abuses alcohol. ...read more.


A negative effect of this is that resources are needlessly wasted, when they could be better used. Parents have a range of different perspectives on the situation. Some parents who are oblivious to their children?s behaviour, turn a blind eye to their children?s activities. For example: ?I?m only her father so I?m the last to know?. Others may express the view ?We have never denied her taking a drink with us.? However, there are other parents who are completely against teenage drinking and won?t let their children drink alcohol until they leave home. Some parents act like they are one of their kids. They don?t care what?s happening to them and the damage it?s doing. One parent interviewed in the documentary took a flippant attitude and stated: ?everyone is drinking, it?s peer pressure?, accepting that drinking is going to happen no matter what the parent does. Another parent was quoted in the documentary as saying ?drinking is like smoking, you learn to like it?, further emphasising he role that peer pressure plays in encouraging drinking. However, parents do have a role to play in educating and protecting their children, in relation to alcohol. ...read more.


This causes a range of problems and issues. These include: passer-by complaints. Even if the group of teenagers are not up to any trouble, a group can sometimes appear intimidating to others. In a group environment like this out in the streets, where many of the group have been drinking, violence can often occur. If drinking is undertaken at home or in a supervised environment, this would be less dangerous. For example, over 18?s are allowed to drink in pubs, which often have security to prevent violent outbursts. In conclusion, I think the children should be educated more at school to see the damage that is being done to their bodies, the way they appear to others when they are drunk and the social affect it will have in the future. I feel there should be a course or presentation that parents have to legally attend once their children are of a certain age in order to educate both parents and children as some parents beliefs are out dated. Their parents should take more interest in what their children are getting up to when they aren?t with them. I also feel that legislation is not always the route, but maybe there should be more facilities for teenagers where they may gather together in a safe environment. ...read more.

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