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"The Bean Tree" by Babara Kingsolver. Journal Response

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The Bean Tree Journal Response Jenny Xu After reading the novel The Bean Tree, so far I have concluded five ideas from the novel. I learned that the author Babara Kingsolver is also a socialist therefore I think she addressed several severe social issues in her novel. First of all, Kingsolver mentioned how psychologically disabled impact human lives. In the novel the character Angel becomes psychologically disabled after he lost a leg as a result of a car accident. He is unable to accept the fact that his inability prevents him from his interest of being a cow boy to attend a rodeo. Therefore, Angel is unable to overcome his anguish and sorrow so he is mentally collapsed. Angel?s sickened mind results him in disturbing personalities such as low self-esteem suspicious and depression. Therefore Angel was constantly suspecting his wife?s disloyalty and eventually led to the failure of his relationship. Angel?s wife Lou Ann was trying to help him to overcome his sorrow by stay in love with him and encouraging him to live happy. ...read more.


We must lower ourselves when receiving help from other people; we are doing for our own good. The second social issue mentioned by the author is the child abuse issue. I was horrified as I was reading through the part where Turtle has bruises on her lower body. As a young woman I can never imagine if I ever experienced the same abuse by that age. If that happened to me, I don?t think I would live up until now. I am also surprised by how evil human nature can be; I believe the person who dares to abuse an infant is morally corrupted. I feel sad and angry; it is such a sin to destroy a female?s life in this way. When I was a young child, my mom sometimes whips on my body by hand if I have done something wrong. I believed my mom is a child abuser and I thought my mom is an evil person. But until now I just realized that there is a more ?proper? definition for child abuse. ...read more.


For instance, Tyler does not have a father but she and her mother lived in a satisfied life without depending on anyone. They both worked though their own hands to earn money for survival. Especially Tyler, she does not get married, so she is free, therefore she is capable of earning a car and is able to explore different parts of the country. I think if she got married, she would not live a life of her own; she would have to care for her husband and perhaps look after her children. In the contrary, Lou Ann and his husband Angel did not live very well after the accident. Lou Ann quitted her job and was trying to take care of Angel; however she was not able to save their relationship. Therefore as a result, after Angel left Lou Ann, she ends up in loneliness and poverty. I agree with the author. I think women should be both mentally and economically independent from men. In my opinion, Women should always live a life on their own even though they are married. Men is not everything to women, men are only accompanies and they do not deserve women to sacrifice everything to them. ...read more.

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