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The day of my driving test

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The day of my driving test As I lay in my bed, tossing and turning, wasting precious moments, I could hear the pendulum clock in the hallway chanting `tick tock'. Yet tonight was the night that I needed my sleep more than any other! In my head I could hear the groaning of my driving instructor's last words to me `keep calm and make sure you have an early night, because tomorrow you will need to have your wits about you'. A big day I was thinking to myself, it's not like my wedding day, yet I felt that huge changes in my life were about to take place. This thought was followed by a moment of anger at myself for anticipating that I was going to pass my test. Being over confident would put me at a dangerous disadvantage. By 8 o'clock in the morning I arose and went to soak in a luxurious bath filled with lavender oil to relax me. ...read more.


I could hear a car horn, so I peered out of the window and spotted my instructor's duster yellow Toyota. The horn hooted for a second time, he sounded harassed. I grabbed my sheepskin coat off the wooden hook and proceeded to the front door and found myself slamming it shut. I climbed into the car and John, my instructor, drove me to the test centre. I got there and found that it was exactly as my friend who had preceded me, had described: dark, dingy and very daunting. I walked up to the grubby desk, and announced myself. I was then asked to sit down and wait for somebody to call out my name. The chairs were all stained and ripped and were in need of urgent replacement. I nervously waited for the examiner to approach me. Within minutes the door that had a placard saying `staff only' opened and out emerged six examiners, accompanied by clipboards that were placed officiously in their hands. ...read more.


The fatal one was still to come though. Maybe he's forgotten I thought, but just as the dreaded words echoed through the car. " When I slam my clipboard onto the dash board, I want you to do an emergency stop". I anxiously waited, trying hard to remain focused on the driving and felt that I could have easily been ejected. Did the car stop automatically or had I swerved. My thoughts became vague as my head started to throb. More driving followed as I realised we were making our way back to the test centre. The examiner asked me to park in a suitable spot outside the centre and cut the engine. He then turned his head towards me and for the first time showed some eye contact. "Miss Green", he said, " I am pleased to inform you that you have passed your test". "YES! YES! YES" I bellowed and then realised that he was not impressed with my sudden outburst. "Oh I am sorry", I said, as I got out the car clutching my certificate as if I had won the lottery. I felt totally elated with my achievements and felt that this was indeed a day to remember. ...read more.

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