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The person I admire most is an Australian cricketer named Ricky Ponting.

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Who I admire... The person I admire most is an Australian cricketer named Ricky Ponting. It may seem strange that a passionate Englishman and England cricket fan admires an Australian cricketer but it's a testament to the type of cricket he is. He's a tough, gritty person that never backs down from a challenge or a fight. He's a winner. Winning is everything to him, everything other than winning is meaningless. Ponting first came to my attention in 2005, when I first started to take up a keen interest in cricket. He arrived as Australian captain in England to compete for the Ashes with his much fancied Australian side full of legends such as, Shane Warne, Glen McGrath and Adam Gilchrist. Ponting had the job of leading this team to retain the Ashes in England. The pressure from back home was immense, they all expect their cricket side to beat us 'poms' after the years of thrashings they have given us. Some say he had an easy job leading this side, which tactically he probably did. Every player knew how to go about their game and get the best out of themselves. So in that respect it was probably easy for him. However leading so many big name players with their big egos would have been a huge task in itself and to keep the dressing room harmonious with all these egos would have been an incredibly stressful job. ...read more.


He racked up an amazing 156 runs and batted for a mammoth 411 minutes. Eventually Ponting's long vigil at the crease was ended. He was distraught, his beloved Australia were 9 wickets down and facing the likelihood of going behind in the Ashes series. He left the field to a standing ovation from the English crowd, a sign of respect for a great of the game who had just played one of his best innings. Australia managed to hang on to draw the game and the series remained level. Unfortunately for Ponting his team lost the series 2-1 and he became the first captain since 1987to lose an Ashes series. He was slated in the Australian media. He faced relentless calls for him to resign has captain. Ponting however stood firm. He used the experience and pain he felt at losing to England to hatched a plan to regain the Ashes the next time the two sides met. The sides met again in November 2006 in Australia in the 2006/7 Ashes series. A determined Ponting led his troops by example in the first test at the Gabba, Brisbane. He scored 196 to set up a huge first innings score for Australia, one which proved too much for England. ...read more.


Most recently Ponting has had to withstand calls for him to be dropped from the test team, again in champion fashion and at the age of 37 he hit back and scored a magnificent 100 against India in the 2012 New Year test at Sydney. Ponting's legacy in the game is unquestionable his achievements in the game are phenomenal. He holds numerous records in the game, most notably he's the leading Australian test match run scorer, leading Australian one day International run scorer, he holds the record for most consecutive World cups wins as captain, he has a hat trick of World cup wins to his name and he's the third leading run scorer in test matches ever. I could add countless achievements and successes he has had in Cricket to that list but they are the stand outs. I idolise Ricky Ponting and base the way I play cricket off his example, I like to play hard on the field and to win but off the field I always remain respectful to the opposition like Ponting. Ponting has bounced back from numerous low points in his career and is inspirational in the way he does it, no matter how severe the low is he always bounces back and proves people wrong. This is an example I use not only in cricket but in life in general. ...read more.

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