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"The Tell Tale Heart" is just one of Poe's many masterpieces that possess the ability to keep the reader of the story reading from the beginning of the story to the end.

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tell-tail heart In our modern world, stories affect our life every day, but how do the authors of these wonders keep the reader exited and focused? This is when the type of writing called suspense comes along. Suspense is the type of writing skill authors use to give readers uncertainty about the conclusion of the story. In some stories, the reader may guess the conclusion before they even finish reading the introduction, but when authors add suspense in to their master pieces, the stories become far more interesting and keeps the reader wondering whether if the conclusion of the story would end like they thought it would, and therefore keeps the reader wanting to read more. The famous writer Edgar Allan Poe is an expert in writing suspense related stories and professionally uses this particular writing style.


Putting foreshadowing in the beginning of a story is an excellent way to start a story because that way it keeps the reader's attention at the beginning of the story. During the story, Edgar Allan Poe gave the reader much information and description, but you could tell that he also held back much information. For example, at the beginning of the story, the man told the reader that he loved the old man but hates the eye and believes the eye is evil. Normally the reader would think that all he want to do is to take out the old man's eye, but who would have ever knew that he was going to kill the old man, for the man never wronged him or given him an insult. Yet he would kill the old man just so he would not get stared by a fake eye.


By now you should have a pretty good idea of how Edgar Allan Poe uses suspense so well in "The Tell Tale Heart", and should be able to realize just how well he hid it among all the details. This is how Poe `magically' drew the reader's attention without even letting them know. He started out by foreshadowing his story to the readers and let them guess the ending, then slowly plays around with the reader by taking out some details from his story to let the reader guess even more. And finally let them wonder all over again about every thing by letting the reader know the story revolves around an untrustworthy psychopath. As you can see, "The Tell Tale Heart" truly is a work of wonder, but the real question is how exactly does Poe come up with such an excellent writing style? Well, it is still a mystery to many and shall always be.

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