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This story is set in the Second World War. It tells the story of the pilot who was shot down over Northern France and taken in by a French farmer.

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This story is set in the Second World War. It tells the story of the pilot who was shot down over Northern France and taken in by a French farmer. "Mayday! Mayday, this is the Phoenix, the fuel tank's hit and she's going down." Jack McCarther was on a routine bombing raid targeted at the German military factory hidden in the hills of Normandy, North France. The spotlight caught the plane as its engines roared through the nights sky. A hail of bullets ripped through the side of the' plane; Mc Carther knew that he was not going to get home tonight. The fuel began to ooze from the side of the tank, sparks flew as the bullets clashed against the metal and in an instant the rear of the plane was alight. The 'planes engines roared as it hurtled through the darkness towards the harsh French countryside. Jack quickly pulled the lever which catapulted the canopy from the front of the aircraft. As the wind blew violently against his skull McCarther carefully, but with an exceedingly quick reaction, released his seat harness and was flung into the cool nights sky. The parachute opened with ease and Jack puffed a sigh of relief, but he knew he still had the worst of his troubles to come. ...read more.


said the man in a husky French accent . "Er, yes " Jack replied. "Come with me" said the French man, "this way". The man turned and began walking towards an old pick up truck. The three women followed the man without saying a word and it was very clear to Jack who was the superior. Jack also followed without question and it wasn't until he reached the passenger's seat door that he built up the courage to ask the man of his fate. "Where are you taking me?" asked Jack once he was sitting as comfortably as possible on the old leather seat. The French man did not reply : instead he started the engine and pulled away. As the old truck bounced along the countryside track in the darkness Jack wondered what was going to happen to him. The thought crossed his mind that the French man was in fact going to turn him in to the Nazis and he'd be led away to a concentration camp. Jack realised that this was not to be the case, as the truck pulled up at an old farm house which was in a clearing through the small forest. The French man got out of the vehicle and proceeded to walk to the door of the farm house and entered without looking back. ...read more.


The area which surrounded the sites was highly guarded with German troops. This made Jack even more suspicious and after taking a short look at the constructions confirmed that, they were ground stations for one type or another of Radar equipment. That evening Jack sent a coded message informing London of the discovery and requested to be picked up to give precise detail of the construction sites. The message was answered and the Government agreed to Jacks plan, he was told he must leave that night . A plane came and meeting him at the rendevous point. Before boarding, Jack said his farewells and thanked Luc for all he had done. On arriving in London England Jack went to work straight away, he was also very glad to be back, even though farm life hadn't been that bad. Finally a bombing raid was planned for that night and Jack gave clear details, using his aviation skills to give precise instructions to the young pilots. The morning after it was found out that the bombing raid had been a success and Jack was quite rightly, put forward for a medal. Jack was back in England and the bombing raid had destroyed the German Radar stations although this didn't mean that, that was the last Jack and Luc would see each other after the war Jack made several trips to see Luc and the two became great friends and allies! ...read more.

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