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To establish to what extent was MacBeth's downfall was caused by his ambition

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MacBeth It is the intention of this essay to establish to what extent was MacBeth's downfall was caused by his ambition. In order to answer the question it would be useful to examine the other characters in the play written by William Shakespeare "MacBeth" This essay will then go on to agree that MacBeth's ambition was not the only factor in his tragic downfall. This paragraph is going to be looking at the theme of evil this would bring in the three witches these witches might not play big parts but even though they are small parts they are vital to the play. We are first introduced to the witches when they are at an open place they are saying to each other when they will meet again they start to chant: "Fair is foul, and foul is fair; Hover through the fog and filthy air" The weather is significant because back in that time period people thought that witches could control the weather, also this scene gives us a taste of their powers w know this because they say they are going to meet MacBeth after the battle. We have not been introduced to MacBeth at this point. In the second scene we are given a description of MacBeth he is described as brave valour's minion which means bravery's favourite also he was described as Bellona's bridegroom Bellona's husband was the roman God of war I think this is used because WS wanted me to understand how great MacBeth really is. ...read more.


Just from this part of the book we can tell how evil Lady MacBeth can really be and how she can change so fast. When MacBeth returns Lady MacBeth wants him to leave the murder to her. After the night proceeds MacBeth changes his mind and he does not want to kill Duncan Lady MacBeth is not amused and starts to insult him by calling him a coward and insulting his manhood. When Macbeths starts to think Lady MacBeth wastes no time in telling him her plan Macbeth is amazed at his wife's plan and attitude to the situation. Lady MacBeth tells her husband if he were to break the promise to her he is not worthy and if she made a promise of this stature she would not break it if she did she would kill her own child to make it up to him. This gives me an idea of how ambitious Lady MacBeth is for her husband and I do think this is a big part in Macbeth's downfall. After this conversation with Lady MacBeth, MacBeth decides to go through with the murder. Banquo meets MacBeth when they are going to bed banquo asks MacBeth about the witches he is also very suspicious of MacBeth. At this point MacBeth looks for Banquo's help when the time comes. Banquo insists he will only do it honourably. MacBeth is left alone to do the deed he starts to hallucinate a dagger showing him to Duncan's room. ...read more.


MacDuff goes to find Malcolm for help; he is suspicious of him. MacDuff needs to persuade Malcolm that he will be better on the throne. MacDuff uses the news of his family to revenge MacBeth; they join the English army to take over MacBeth. MacBeth has heard of the forces coming up from England he makes his army move to Birnam wood to meet Malcolm's forces, I think that MacBeth is over confident and I do think this plays a part in his down fall. Macduff uses the branches from the wood to hide the army. So the Scots do not know how many people there really is. They also know many of MacBeths Men have left him so there are smaller numbers. MacBeth is confident that he will win, the news of his wife's death does not shock him, he is so use to the sound of death it doesn't matter. MacBeth decides there is no need to run away from his problem so he stays and fights. The castle has been taken over but MacBeth still does not give up. He starts to fight with MacDuff MacBeth says he can not be killed man of woman born, Macduff says he was not woman born he was born by a caesarean operation. This worried MacBeth he refuses to fight. MacDuff has killed MacBeth. I think that Macbeth's downfall was not his own fault I feel sorry for him as he was pressurised by the main three factors 1. The witches, 2. Lady MacBeth and 3.his ambition. MacBeth I feel is not to blame for his tragic downfall it was the pressure. ...read more.

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