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"To His Coy Mistress" Response

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David Jones 10A2 Response to ?His Coy Mistress? Dear Mr Marvell, I am writing in response to the poem you sent me. I have to say it is quite flattering for the majority of the poem but I did find certain areas quite intimidating and would make me wonder if I would want to be with you. I can see that you feel very passionately about me and the words you use make me wonder if we were meant to be together but it is too forward, as I barely know you. With time our relationship may blossom, I am not sure. I will give you a more in-depth idea on how I can see how much you like me though. During the first line ?Had we but world enough, and time? straight away brings in the theme of urgency as you try to emphasis how short life is and how people should always make the most of it. This also makes me, wonder of your age. We are yet to meet and the way you try to express brevity may suggest you are an old man. The next line you say ?This coyness, lady, were no crime? gives me the impression you are trying to impress me with the ...read more.


In the sense you cannot buy love, you have to earn it. It also attempts to show closeness, as one. The other two things it could mention, may be first the seeds have to be sowed, showing care and compassion but also vegetable in the way all vegetables are unique but they are the same so belong together. You show in the next line your grandness of language with words such as vaster, this means bigger and an Empire is huge, this implies the world, also a empire takes hundreds of years, and slower could mean creating there own world that would takes 1000?s of years. For the next three lines you try to impress me with large numbers, e.g. hundred years, two hundred, thirty thousand, they are also all consecutive, this could imply we need to take steps otherwise our relationship would become disjointed. Also the timings of the six lines show how you want to earn my respect by not rushing and also showing you also want a romance in the relationship. On the next line you come across as if you are trying to make me a Goddess because you call me a lady but you also say I deserve this state, that would mean I am good ...read more.


The next two lines try to signify that we will be together for all our lives, and even together after death entwined throughout history. It could have a completely opposite meaning however and mean my beauty will fade and if I maintain my virginity until the grave, Ill just lose it to the worms. There my honor will turn to dust & your lust into ashes. You then start to look at me in a kinder light again. When you start talking about the fire of life and the hue of youthfulness in the next four lines I can see that you do not want to waste time as we are young and while we are young we have a fire in our heart, a form of energy, that can never be retrieved once lost, that is meant for me. The way the dew has formed on the skin could also imply you want us to grow old together as the fire of us being together verses the dew on the skin would be a never ending battle, but would carry on no matter what. It could also mean however that our relationship may tire and get destroyed by the constant battles. ...read more.

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