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To what extent do you agree with Hardy's assertion that Tess is a 'pure woman'?

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To what extent do you agree with Hardy's assertion that Tess is a 'pure woman'? I agree with Hardy's assertion to a certain extent that Tess is pure, despite her loosing her virginity and having a baby outside of wedlock. I feel that Tess seemed to have sex forced upon her, which resulted in a baby, this could imply that maybe Tess's intentions were pure if not her body. A comment made by Tess backs in my opinion how I feel Alec forced sex upon her, when leaving the farm Alec catches up with Tess and after an awkward dialogue between the two Alec demand a kiss of Tess. Tess replies " ," she says it in a motorized tone as though her mind belonged to Alec. ...read more.


Red is associated with lust, passion and danger, I think hardy was trying to show that there was more personality and depth beneath Tess's surface and "fine" appearance. We may see the ribbon as an attempt to stand out as she is wearing a white dress, the same as her peers are, white shows and emphasizes innocence and pureness, and then, unlike her peers, a red ribbon (symbolizing lust, passion and danger) is added to the outfit, this suggests that maybe because she stands out from the beginning she is the one who will be the main character and because white symbolizes purity the passionate and dangerous color of red contrasts the white, this leaves Tess looking innocent and pure but with an edge that makes her different. ...read more.


Tess only allowed Alec to come near her or allowed him to speak in a conversation with her when he started to use her family to manipulate her, he used emotional blackmail and because she felt so alone she was moved by his intentions, she would always comment on how he was kind etc. however she always seemed to be weary of these gestures and insisted he not do it again. But as she always felt moved this became her weakness, and as soon as the weakness deepened he seduced her. I also believe that Tess wore a mask of innocence, and this is the mask Alec saw. I think he only saw her in a physical way he did not see the woman inside that she needed to be. Maybe she felt he would see the woman she was inside if she let him seduce her. ...read more.

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