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Tony Kytes.

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Thomas Davy 10a Tony Kytes Tony Kytes is a good-looking boy with a round firm tight face. When he was younger Tony had small pox that left the odd dimple in his face but as said in the story " not enough to hurt his looks in a women's eye " he was a very serous looking man who really smiled much " as if he couldn't laugh without great pain "he is also very serious explains the story the way he speaks to people he looked really hard into a small spec in you eye when talking to " ee "he seemed to interested when he talk's to them he impresses the girls by showing he is daring by singing rude songs as if they were hymns " he used to sing the tailors breeches " with a religious favour manner. Tony was quite the women's favourite and he loved them all as well " he was quite the women's favourite and in return loved them all in shoals. ...read more.


The title of the story tells you a lot about Tony " Tony Kytes the arch deceiver " the title gives you a suspicious thought and makes you think that he can not be trusted, then he makes you feel even stronger about the opinion that he cannot be trusted by falling easily for unity when she flirts with. Unity flirts with Tony by using body actions " smiled, hopped and tender chide " unity talks about there past and how and about how they had such a great time together " think how long we've known each other Tony since we were children " also unity is looking for complements " can you say I am not beautiful Tony " Tony has asked Milly to hide because he has seen Hannah. When Hannah sees him coming " she tossed her head a little disdainful and smiled off-hand "Hannah is not easy to manipulate as the other two, she is much more off hand. ...read more.


Tony is disappointed with this and decides to ignore his fathers advise this makes us feel that he is immature. " Which would you choose father... if you were in my position " he realizes that is he was stronger and able he would not be in the situation that he is in. When Tony need to make the decision of which to marry he chooses Hannah but Hannah refuses him "I have spirit, and refuse him" her father converts her. When Tony is turned away by Hannah he turns to unity and asks her to be his wife, " take her leavings. Not! " Unity also turns him away. Now Tony turns to Milly and asks he to be his wife. Milly accepts his offer although she was third choice mill does not care that she is third choice and is again mainipulated by Tony All the girls refuse him but even though he is left out in the cold because he is weak and indecisive he still retains the upper hand. This is because at these times it was very important for a women to marry for the solid status and financial security ...read more.

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