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Tossing a Coin

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Tossing a coin Introduction As part of my IT GCSE portfolio I had to design a spreadsheet which would be able to accurately simulate the tossing of a coin and later the tossing of a die. When thinking of simulations, most people think of flight simulators, but there are many more areas where simulations of real life are used. Simulators are useful because they can take the place of experiments that would be too dangerous or too costly to carry out. Examples of simulations include:- 1) Experiments in chemistry 2) Nuclear physics experiments 3) Airline training 4) Queues at petrol filling stations 5) Traffic light systems 6) Queues at supermarket checkouts Simulations are usually performed to avoid the expense or danger of making mistakes. When engineers are designing new bridges or buildings, they can simulate the construction by using the computer to calculate the stresses at various points and discover the safest without having to build it first. ...read more.


somewhere within the table if you measured the probability of getting heads then the odds would be 0.5 like the last table but this is not so either. But I'm confident that within a matter of time the number of heads and tails would even out and the probability of getting a heads would be 0.5. I am now going to design a spreadsheet model using Microsoft Excel 97 and see if the simulation produces results similar to real-life. The Task Our task was to design a spreadsheet model using "Microsoft Excel 97" which can create 20 simulated coin tosses using the random function and the chance of getting heads. Preparation We flipped a coin 10 then 20 and finally 90 times and recorded the results on a sheet of paper. We then looked at how to design a spreadsheet could simulate the tossing of a coin. Hardware and Software This is the hardware and software we used for this assignment:- Hardware Software Processor - Windows 98 operating system Megabytes - Microsoft Word 97 ...read more.


You can see how I've used the IF statement here, look at the formula in the "RESULT" column: =IF(D6>E6,"Tails","Heads") This means if the number in cell D6 in the "RANDOM" column is higher or equal to the number in cell E6 in the "CHANCE OF HEADS" column then "Tails" will be displayed. But if the number in cell D6 is less than the number in cell E6 then "Heads" will be displayed. This formula is then replicated down which saves me having to write out the whole formula over and over again. Please look at the next sheet to see how all the formulas I used work. Please look at the accompanying sheet(s) at the same time as reading the next section to gain a better understanding of how I used these formulas in my assignment. (Words in bold are the title of that particular column) (Replicated down means the formulas are dragged down to fill that particular column) Throw =A3+1 Replicated down Result =IF(D3>E3,"Tails","Heads") Replicated down Total heads =IF(B3="Heads", 1,0) =IF(B4="Heads", 1,0)+C3 Replicated down Random Rand() Replicated Down I.T coursework ...read more.

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