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Transactional Writing - English

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Transactional Writing Intro In the future, ABS is going to be rebuilt as part of Camden's "Building Schools for the Future" programme. The purpose of my report, which will be submitted to the Head teacher and the Schools governors, would be to recommend suggestions for the school's rebuilding with references to the buildings' layout, interior design and functions. "Building Schools for the Future" means that as more people come to the school, the school itself would have to change so everyone can benefit from it. School buildings layout The current building layout for the school, I think is that in some areas, there are more people than others. An example of this would be the bottom of Yellow Block and below the bridge where there is no access for students and is just empty space which has possibilities. This space could be used for other things like a storage room or another classroom that doubles into a games room. A games room could help provide a social link between teachers and students so that teachers can be seen more as a friend then as a teacher. ...read more.


Students would benefit from this due to time that is saved and added to breaks and lunch, improving them more. Recreation areas and sports facilities and the wider community The current layout of the school, although has space for sports areas, has few access points to them. Furthermore they are at the back of the school so journey times are long (if you have P.E. and you come from the front entrance) To simply address this problem it would be essential to have an extra gate placed near the afro turf to grant access to the sport facilities, this would require additional teachers to watch the gate at lunch times and break times but I believe this would be a beneficial to everyone including visitors and P.E teachers. Other schools who are participating in sports at Acland Burghley can be granted access to the school without disrupting other pupils and be directed straight into the sports ground. Study areas When a student thinks of study area they often refer to the iL@b; a place where a pupil can work, research and study with a vast amount of knowledge and resources at their disposal. ...read more.


This would save the school money on heating bills in the long term. Signs should also be placed on the outside walls of the school building. These should direct school visitors to the reception and to relevant school departments. This would be helpful for strangers to the school who have never been here before and also to the pupils in Year 7 who need a lot of support finding there classrooms during their first few weeks in school. Conclusion When I first joined this school 3 Years ago I felt an instant connection to the buildings, teachers and students. Everyday I felt compelled to learn and I truly enjoyed it. Sadly as I grew older I noticed its undeserving flaws, it would be my pleasure to persuade you Mr Shew and the Governors to enhance the future education of children which will attend Acland Burghley. Being a head teacher wouldn't it be your utter most important responsibility to improve the school life of hundreds of children? I wholesomely believe that these ideas can create the perfect environment for students and teachers alike. Pupils will appreciate your actions until the day you retire, if only you could follow my recommendations. Thank you ...read more.

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