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True love lasts forever

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True Love Lasts Forever Isabelle, yawned as she poured herself a bowl of cereals. ''Morning princess,'' Matthew walked into the room and kissed her on the cheek. 'Hey Matthew' Isabelle, said with a smile as she watched Matthew drop the milk over the floor. Her and Matthew were best friends and had been since they were two ~16 years earlier~ ''Wow what a cool sand castle' Matthew said as he stared at the huge sandcastle in amazement ''Thanks. Wanna help me make it?'' Isabelle, smiled ''Yeah sure!!'' ''Hahahahahaha'' some boys were laughing 'eurgh Matt why are you talking to a girl?'' 'Matthew's a girl pants! Matthew's a girl pants' ''Shut up you losers! Just because you don't want to admit that my sandcastle is better than yours. You geeks!'' Isabelle was very mad. Matthew couldn't help but laugh. His friends ran off and left Matthew and Isabelle, Ever since then they have been inseperable. ~16 years later~ ''so what you want to do today?'' Matthew asked. ...read more.


He noticed and got butterflies in his stomach. Looking at them you would think they were a couple, they looked so cute. When the film had ended they walked out of the cinema. ''So what you want to do now?'' dougie smiled ''Err....'' but before she could answer a speeding car swerved around the corner and hit her '' Isabelle, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!'' Matthew screamed watching it all happen. He ran over to her, she looked so still, he got out his mobile and rang for an ambulance whilst tears streamed down his face. ~2 mins later~ the ambulance arrived and the paramedics put Isabelle, inside. ''Oh my God. Nooo'' Matthew repeated ''Do you want to come with her to the hospital?'' The paramedic asked ''Yes please'' he replied instantly. On the way to the hospital dougie sat by Isabelle's side hoping and praying she would open her beautiful green, eyes. ...read more.


'Matt !'' she shouted trying to smile but he could tell she was in pain. '' princess,!'' he replied, running up to her and hugging her gently. He sat on the chair by her bed and held he hand, staring at her green, eyes he was so pleased to see had now opened. ''My God Isabelle,! I was so scared. I thought you were gonna....'' ''don't worry Matt, im ok now.'' ''Yeah I know but I don't know what I would have done if anything had happened to you. You're my life Isabelle,. Without you I have nothing. You're the one person I care most about and you've always been there for me. I love you. And it took me all this to see that the girl of my dreams had been right in front of my eyes the whole time. "I love you'' he said again. Isabelle, smiled. ''I love you too Matthew! I always have. You are what kept me alive'' They smiled and kissed softly on the lips. ...read more.

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