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Vegans - The Vegetable Extreme.

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Vegans: The Vegetable Extreme Eric Walk English 8 Mr. Bruce 23 October 2002 Vegans are a highly opinionated group of individuals who are against the use of animals for our gain; their main objections are eating, using the byproducts of and conducting research on animals. I don't understand why they do it. I know very well the common belief; they want to save living things! But, rabbit food is alive too! Of course we all must have heard, "I don't like meat or other animal products!" So in that case I have one response: "Right; and you expect me to believe that because...?" In this essay I plan to uncover the reasons that people become vegans. To understand vegans I have deemed it necessary to understand vegetarianism. To my dismay, being a vegetarian is like we all think it is; you don't eat meat! But it gets worse. There are three main types of vegetarians: Lacto-vegetarians eat no meat, animal products or eggs but have milk; ovo-vegetarians eat no meat, animal products or milk but eat eggs; and lacto-ovo vegetarians eat no meat and animal products but eat milk and eggs. ...read more.


That is to say, even a vegan must work it off. Also you may have heard of "essential amino acids." These acids can not be produced by the body so one must get them from something else. Most meat and a handful of beans contain the acids. Next, we have ethics and religion; people just think it is wrong to kill an animal. Plants happen to be god's creations and also happen to be alive. So, is it not wrong to kill a plant? Just think about the rainforest. Many vegans are environmental advocates who want to "save the rainforest." When in fact they are the ones eating all the plants. Well, maybe they don't really eat the rainforest. But it's the concept that matters. Vegans also think it is wrong to have a pet seeing that you keep it in a cage as if it is living in "eternal suffering." Although in my opinion dogs, fish, hamsters and cats seem not to mind captivity. And then there are the religious zealots who claim to be following God's original diet plan. However, those who have studied the five books of Moses will recall that God changed his mind and permitted men to eat animals. ...read more.


Males cannot produce eggs and cannot grow large enough to produce meat so they are killed en masse by suffocation, gassing, drowning, or they are ground alive for use in animal feed. To me all of this "torture" of the chickens is absolutely necessary to make it so that we are able to (with our own safety in mind) procure meat and other products from an animal. And the cows are not being tortured or hurt very much because they are just doing the things that they do best: make babies and milk. To finish I would like to quote Einstein: "Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet." -Albert Einstein Einstein, you're the best, but I'm not too sure about the vegetarian thing because someone may like the idea; but not everyone could handle the lack of meat at this place in time and space. Maybe we should work on that worm hole first. So I am sure that the process of extracting meat from an animal may be a necessary evil, because you just can't replace a good steak or fillet with tofu. And how do you prepare the stuff anyways...but that's another story. ...read more.

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