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Vivisection is both immoral and unjustifiable - Discuss.

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Vivisection is both immoral and unjustifiable - Discus I am strongly against vivisection. In this modern world there is no place for this barbaric practice that is 'animal testing'. This is a highly sensitive issue on which many members of the public are un-decided. Animal testing sounds so innocent and may appear to be necessary, however the reality is quite different. Supporters of vivisection argue that animals are anaesthetised during procedures. Polly Toynbee from 'The Guardian' states that "animals in experiments are anaesthetised" whereas the 'Animal Aid' leaflet informs us that "two thirds will receive no anaesthetic during procedures". The 'Guardian' article offers little or no evidence to substantiate its claim, and offers us no statistics, un-like the 'Animal Aid' source. It is based on opinion not on fact. The 'Animal Aid' leaflet gives us numerical evidence (two thirds), and also offers pictures, to add weight and back up its argument. ...read more.


The 'Animal Aids' answer is completely different. They explain, "There are numerous ways to explore the causes and cures for human illness without resorting to primitive and fruitless animal experiments ". They go on to say "They include laboratory tests using human tissues and genetic material ............". This is far more effective as it not only states it's argument clearly (that there is another way), they offer an explanation to what alternative methods could be used to make a difference. This argument is a strong issue, which has mixed views. This issue is do animals receive adequate care when they are not undergoing animal experiments? The view from the 'Who Protects the Animals?' leaflet is yes they do. The leaflet informs us that they have a 'curator', who "makes sure the animals live in good conditions". In most cases this is un-true, the animals are kept in torturous conditions that no one or any living creature should be kept in. ...read more.


For example the FAUNA leaflet tells us that aspirin, a common, household medicine will "kill cats and cause birth defects in rats". Another really important fact that this leaflet highlights is that certain drugs, which have proved to be safe when tested on animals, for example Thalidomide, are not safe when given to human beings. Many thousands of babies were born with horrific defects such as non-development of all their limbs, when their mothers were treated in pregnancy for morning sickness with this drug. Surely this does not improve human health. After reading various leaflets and sources, and classroom discussions, my initial feelings towards animal experimentation have not really been altered. No leaflet has been able to re-assure me that vivisection is the only way of researching further medicines and procedures that will benefit mankind. I would ask people who are for animal testing- would you offer your family pet for vivisection? Rhydian Lecrass 11GP ...read more.

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