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Write a letter to your headteacher to disallow year 11 students to go on study leave during the exam period model answer.

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Write a letter to your head teacher to disallow year eleven students to go on study leave during trial examinations and GCSEs rather than having to stay in school. Model answer. In my opinion year eleven students should not be allowed to go on study leave during their exam periods. At home there are numerous different distractions around which are not there or are restricted at school. This immediately reduces the productivity of a student's time spent at home. Whilst at home you are often tempted to go out, watch television and surf the internet for long periods of time, which could be best used elsewhere. ...read more.


On the other hand for some students they may only need to revise a few areas in certain subjects and by making them attend sessions where they do not require them would prove counterproductive as they could be revising something else that they need to. Revision at school in my opinion will be less stressful due to the familiar routine of a school day. When studying at home the majority of students will slip into their weekend routine of getting out of bed late and going to bed late. Also by spreading the revision out over the usual school timetable will mean that revision is done and that no one leaves it all to the last minute. ...read more.


The wide range of sources that are provided at school are surly nothing other than beneficial for the students? I think even though most students will have adequate access to resources at home they still don't have the range that the school has, particularly for subjects such as history when different textbooks may have different interpretations on one event. Overall even though I can see some benefits for students to go home and study in their exam periods I think that overwhelmingly it is better for students to stay at school within a regular school environment. The school sessions prevent last minute cramming and anything fundamental being missed by a student during their revision. Although home maybe more relaxing I think it simply does not have enough resources available to the students. ...read more.

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