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Writing to advise English coursework

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English language coursework Target Audience Children Aged from 6-9 years old Form Writing to advise For this coursework I am writing a leaflet for children from ages 6-9 advising them on how to care for a new kitten addition to the family. It is very important to emphasize in this piece that a cat is a big responsibility and write by using key words that children are familiar with. To make the piece effective I have used pictures, diagrams and hint boxes to make the piece visually exciting to its audience and serve its purpose. How to care for your new kitten! First of all well done on getting your new pet!! ...read more.


When mummy and daddy said I could get a kitten I was so excited, I had to wait for 13 weeks until I could collect Monty though because he was too young to leave his mummy. But when I finally went to get him I was very nervous- I didn't know what to do to welcome Monty home. I knew that Monty would be sad at first because he had to leave his mum and he would miss her so me and Daddy went to the pet shop and bought him lots of new things. We got him: * A bed: we got him a basket with a snugly lining, and put it into our dining room where its quiet and warm, but you can just get a box ...read more.


* Toys! Because kittens are only babies and they love to play and learn! (We got Monty a scratching post so he could stretch and wouldn't ruin mummy's furniture) How I made friends with Monty When I first got Monty he was very scared and didn't want to play with me, I thought he didn't love me until dad told me that it would take some time for the kitten to be my friend because he was so frightened and scared. So I had to be very careful and gentle and made sure I didn't shout when I was near him. Make sure you're new kitten has all the love and attention you can give him... little kittens grow strong and big with a good balanced meal, plenty of water and a sprinkling of love... ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Argue, Persuade and Advise section.

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