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A Migrant’s Diary.

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A Migrant's Diary Dear Diary, Hello, my name is Lucas and I am a migrant. I am the oldest of eight children and we live on a small farm in the Hills of Kenya. Tomorrow I will have to leave my Family to move to the capital city Nairobi. Here I work on our small patch of land with my Mother and Father, the only problem is that everything is getting worse. There are so many in my Family that we haven't got enough food to feed everyone. That is why I must go. I will try to find work to earn some money and then send it too my Family to help them. We rely on the Weather to be able to grow crops but this is normally not very successful. The weather here is very bad for our crops because mostly there are either Droughts or Floods. The condition of the soil is very poor and our crops die very quickly. Because we live on high land it is hard to grow crops because of all the slopes. I am very excited to go because I will hopefully be able to help my Family but also a bit worried because maybe I will not even find a Job. ...read more.


Oh, there she comes, I will write to you later. Goodbye. Lucas Dear Diary, I am now in my cousin's house and I am not very pleased. I thought that I would live in a really nice house, because my uncle told me that she was doing really well but it doesn't seem like it. The House is very clean but very small. She calls it a shanty house and there is lots of rubbish outside and a river of sewage is running outside. There is no Electricity or clean Water and I can't believe anybody could live like this. The Walls are made from mud and the Roof from Iron. It is very hot in the day and very cold at night. There are a lot more Jobs here, which is what I was looking for, but the ground here is not ideal for farming either. I have written a letter to my Family describing what it is like and that I am searching for a Job. Every day I go out and look for a Job, but it is very hard as I am a Migrant. The Offices, Schools, Hospitals and Shops are a lot cleaner than the Shanty Houses. ...read more.


As I have previously told you I am a Cleaner and I have to pick up all the Rubbish people leave outside. You might need to get the same Jog as me but if you are Lucky you will get a Different one. Working here is great but very Hard. I hope you will come so that we can send even more money to the Family and maybe sometime I could pay them a Visit when you are working. If you tell me when you will arrive then I can come and Pick you up at the Bus Station. I hope the whole Family is well. Please write back as soon as Possible, to tell me all Information. There are a lot more Shops here and better health care. Please come to visit because I am starting too fell very Lonely. Even though I live with my Cousin I'm still Lonely because I never see her as she is working at Night and I am working at Day. The City is very nice and Different so Please Come to Visit. Goodbye, Your Brother Lucas. I am so happy because she wants to come and Visit me. I am really starting too fell Lonely and It would be great if she came, so I am holding Fingers crossed. I am sorry but I will have to go to work now. Goodbye. Lucas Patricia Jackisch 9O 26/04/2007 ...read more.

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