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Tourism brings enormous benefits to less economically developed countries and very few problems

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"Tourism brings enormous benefits to less economically developed countries and very few problems" A tourist is a person who stays for more than one night in a place that is not their usual environment. Tourism is everything to do with tourists, including the activities they take part in and the services that support them. A LEDC is a 'less economically developed country'; this can be measured by income (per capita), GDP (gross domestic product), life expectancy and literacy rates. Tourism has grown for a variety of reasons, the main reason being greater affluence, people in the UK have fairly high salaries and also workers receive more paid holidays which gives them the incentive to go on holiday. Greater mobility and improved accessibility also encourages people to travel, for example, 72% of the British population have at least one car and with easier access to airports and domestic locations thanks to better roads more people can travel with ease. Also the booming popularity of no-frills airlines can get people anywhere in the world for more than half the price 10 years ago. Changing lifestyles and recreational activities have also increased international tourism. People are a lot fitter now than before and retire early to take advantage of their fitness and to travel more, this maybe a reason why active holidays are becoming more popular. ...read more.


Prostitution is now a very big industry in Thailand due to the emergence of tourism which started after the Vietnam War. There are around 200,000 prostitutes in Thailand, originally from small villages and they are mainly to cater for the tourists. This is a major blow to Thailand as they have lost 200,000 able workers; this could turn out to be a major loss of revenue for the government. There can also be Human Rights offences involved in tourism as people have been displaced from their land for the building of a new beach resort, for example. Environmental benefits of tourism are the fact the country's flora and fauna are a main reason why tourists visit, Ecuador, Thailand and Antigua have a vast range of Biodiversity and is a major factor in convincing people to come to visit their countries. When tourists take their vacations in LEDC's, this encourages the residents to look after their area. Antigua has 'a beach for every day of the year' and these are the kinds of hooks that get western tourists to come. LEDC's are arguably more environmentally spectacular than most MEDC's and LEDC's are using this to their advantage and rake in the tourists. ...read more.


The locals will not be making any income and a knock on effect of this will be that the GDP of the country will reduce. In overall conclusion I think that the statement: "Tourism brings enormous benefits to less economically developed countries and very few problems" is incorrect. Economically it provides huge benefits for the LEDC's by bringing in foreign investment and enabling local businesses to flourish. Socially, there is a gradual erosion of culture to adapt to tourists tastes and the crime and prostitution rates are increasing in many places. Environmentally, the wastage of resources, especially water by the tourists means that there is less for those who need it more. Green areas are being destroyed to make room for tourist accommodation. Mass tourism is very unsustainable and the only method of making tourism more sustainable is eco-tourism. I think eco-tourism will increase profit, enhance the culture of the country as well as promoting preservation and conservation of the land. It is also sustainable and therefore can continue for many years to come. Eco-tour is only in an infant stage at the moment but if this idea is backed by the governments, in all probability the answer to this question would be very different in the future. ?? ?? ?? ?? Kiran Muralidharan 11HDO ...read more.

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