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An investigation to compare one particular sports store, JJB, situated in two areas of Croydon, the CBD and a Retail Park.

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Geography Coursework Croydon An investigation to compare one particular sports store, JJB, situated in two areas of Croydon, the CBD and a Retail Park By Jess McFarlane 10WM Introduction and Aims This project was based on a trip to Croydon investigating the differences of two of the same store situated in two different areas. This was done in a sense to compare the stores due to situation mainly. The aim was to investigate and record information on the number of people who visit the stores and the reasons why. A number count was taken so that when we come to evaluating the results and concluding the method, it makes it an easier task to compare which of the two stores is more accustomed to the use of the public due to their situation in the area. Both JJB stores, which are a huge chain of sport stores spreading across the UK, we were there to record different information on the certain people that visited the store so that we can find out whether if it was susceptible and complied to their needs in terms of situation, so for example if it was easy to access. We are also investigating what the surrounding environment was like and whether it encouraged the public to shop there again. And we received our responses by asking the following questions to the pedestrians that we entering and leaving the JJB stores: * Why did you visit this particular store and not the other in...(either Croydon CBD or the retail park, depending on what store we were situated at the time) * What their age was? (We did not ask this directly as we did not to be rude so we made an accurate assumption) * How did you get to this store today? * How often do you visit this store? * What their sex was (again this was not asked as it is obvious) ...read more.


any data that might have gone wrong in the process, for example one person could have counted twice as many people entering the shop in their scheduled time slot where another person counted a lot less and this would seem unfair so an even result of the two would be made. We conducted the data collection early in the morning in the retail park. The first questionnaire time was recorded at 9:01 am and we had started our data collection at 8:59 am. It was slow to start off with, as it was still reasonably early in the morning for someone to be shopping. Each person (three in total) had twenty minutes to perform his duty and collect the data within. This time space allowed each person to collect a fair amount of data so that it is easy to compare results. All of the data that was collected was in fact primary data, all from a personal viewpoint. Unfortunately when doing the data collection at an early time could be considered unfair, and the results may turn out different due to the fact that less people turn up. What I mean by this is how people maybe less motivated to get up at such an early hour and start their shopping; and especially when it was on a Thursday and this was the only night that the store was open later than usual, so it may have meant that more people may visit in the evening, maybe more after work as the hypothesis above suggests. We then proceeded to Croydon's CBD, where we carried out the same process of each having our individual time slot and carrying out each process but only had fifteen minutes each due to time restrictions. We had time periods to collect our data so that when analysing it would become easier to compare results at the same time periods. ...read more.


This is because the people count was a lot higher in the CBD, which obviously proves that it is more popular. CBD store People Count 88 As I said on the page before this little graph proves that fact that the CBD store was more popular due to situation and had a larger people count. Age results for the CBD store From the graph above I can answer the hypothesis about whether the age of people that visit the CBD store will be higher. And I can honestly say that form these results that I can disprove this theory. This is because it is quite obvious that the line if best fit is slanting down at a constant and proportional rate. This maybe due to the fact that Croydon is becoming more of a youthful populated area and so that this would make the streets more youthful. There is also the fact that JJB is more of a store that appeals to the younger generation due to its stock. I chose to use a scatter as I thought it was the easiest possible way to represent such data. It gives us a clear view of the age categories visiting the CBD store and it is fairly easy to comprehend. This study could have been taken further by asking the specific ages of the people that I asked but this would be considered rude and I thought that this problem might have limited our research slightly as it would have been easier to analyze because we could then fully understand why the age groups visited the particular stores but these ages were only an estimate and they are not that precise. Next time it would be useful for extra time in which to undertake our challenge. All I can say in the end though is how on the day of collecting the results there were minimal problems and it all worked out fine in the end. The project I think was a success and this coursework I hope was a success. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Human Geography section.

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