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Aylesbury Fieldwork.

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Aylesbury Fieldwork Introduction - Main Changes In Aylesbury In the last 20 years Aylesbury has undergone many changes, in aid to compete with other larger shopping areas, such as Milton Keynes and Watford. The main changes, which have occurred include: * The Odeon Cinema was built in year 2000, possibly because the sphere of influence was too big for the smaller Odeon cinema. Therefore a larger one was built. In addition this may attract an increased amount of people to the CDB. * Bars were built in conjunction with the cinema, increasing the diversity in Aylesbury CBD, and therefore appealing to a larger age group. * Hales Leys was opened in the 1980's, which added more shops to the area, and added to the variety. Hale Leyes, is an indoor shopping centre, thus allowing more pleasant shopping, and possibly making it more appealing. * Friars Square was completely refurbished, and re-opened in 1996. This improved the overall environment in the shopping centre, attracting more customers and making shopping, again, more pleasant. * The pedestrianisation of the High Street, allowed the area to become safer for the public, therefore people possibly used the shops more. ...read more.


Conclusion The results of my primary data, especially the pedestrian counts, indicate that the CBD is clearly located around Friars Square and Market Square. Friars Square was recently refurbished, into a completely undercover shopping complex, a clear example of beautification, as decorative plants and fountains were added. This may have been an influential factor into why many popular chain stores have now located there, such as HMV. Therefore more people are attracted to the shopping area, due to the diversity of shops. In addition, the environmental quality index is high, thus appealing to more people and shops. However, 65% of people answered on the questionnaire that refurbishing Friars Square was not the greatest improvement. This could possibly be due to people comparing it to larger, competing shopping centres such as Milton Keynes and Watford. This demonstrates that people are more concerned with the shopping environment. Market Square has the highest average pedestrians, however this is most probably due to people walking between Friars Square and Hale Leys. Hale Leys was built in the 1980's as another indoor shopping centre. ...read more.


These are clearly areas of decline, with many "unpopular" and low order shops, which is shown by the low pedestrian counts, especially at Cambridge Street. However, a vacant shop in Kingsbury Square was recently converted in a restaurant/bar, which appears to be occurring across the CBD. These particular areas scored relatively low on the environmental quality index, therefore working as less as an incentive for shops to locate there and for people to visit. It is possibly Aylesbury's next step to regenerate these areas, in an attempt to make the more popular. There are regions which are beyond the CBD, for example the Vale Retail Park, which was possibly a zone of discard before, as now large superstores, such as JJB Sports and PC World have located there. Therefore, the Retail Park is now a zone of assimilation, and this is a clear example of Aylesbury diversifying. Evaluation The pedestrian counts were taking on a weekday, at lunch time; therefore more people would be around, including people from work. The pedestrian counts could have been more accurate if we did them over three separate days. However, this would have required more time, which we were limited to. ...read more.

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