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Building height prediction.

Extracts from this document...


Building Heights Buildings are key features in any town or city, and Stafford is no exception. Buildings come in a variety of heights and widths. Stafford also has a vast selection of multi-aged buildings, with buildings ranging from the Victorian times to new more modern buildings. The age of the building will also affect its height, because although land prices didn't change that much nearly all-Victorian architecture consisted of very similar heights. Each building has been specially built with its location in mind, as buildings now built closer to the CBD has a higher land value while further away has a lower land rent value. In order to investigate Stafford's building heights we were split up into pairs so as to analyse each building individually. The investigation into Stafford's building heights gave me the chance to explore the following hypothesis: 1.) The buildings will become taller as one gets closer to the C.B.D. 2.) The buildings within the same vicinity will be of approximately similar heights. Building height Prediction This simple diagram shows that the closer to the C.B.D. you get the greater number of storeys the buildings have. This graph is only a generalisation of most towns and cities and does not work for them all. It follows the principal that because buildings closer to the C.B.D. have a higher rent price per metre squared building owners build vertically appose to horizontally. This graph defiantly doesn't work for Stafford's building height. This is because the majority of the building heights are either two or three storeys in all areas. The actual graph displaying Stafford's building heights will follow this page. Data Collection The information was gathered by pairs of pupils being assigned to different stations across Stafford. We then had to walk around our designated area and count the number of storeys of each building. The stations were located both in main streets and side ones. ...read more.


Spreading stock over more that one floor is inconvenient to customers and expensive for owners. From the maps of Stafford's land use I can say that the ground floor appears to be used for retail with the majority of the buildings aimed to attract public custom. The fist floor however consists mainly of offices and storage. This is because building owners tend to want all their merchandise on show. So the first floor is an ideal place to keep stock or use as the business's office. Transect Survey I have selected 10 buildings that are located along Stafford's main high street namely, Green Gate street. I have done this so I can see if the land use and number of stories change as we move further away from the central business district. Before I do this though I have decided upon three hypotheses that I will explore. They are as follows. 1.) The height of the building will increase the closer to the CBD you get. 2.) The land use within close proximity to the CBD will be used for retail purposes. 3.) The width of the buildings will also increase the closer to the central business district you get. Delimiting the boundary of the CBD Every town and city has a central business district and Stafford is no exception. The central business or CBD is the main part of the town. It is made up of predominantly retail stores with also an array of banks and solicitors etc. So before I recorded where the CBD in Stafford was I came up with two hypotheses, which I will explore in my analysis. My hypothesis's are as follows: 1.) Stafford will not have a strict CBD pattern 2.) How does the land use change beyond the CBD Data collecting In order to get a precise and accurate picture of Stafford's central business district we were asked to walk all around Stafford and draw the outline of the CBD on a large A3 map. ...read more.


This was very surprising and I expect that if we asked the same question on a weekend then the response would be the other way around. This is because their was a high representation of elderly people most of whom do not have the means to get to an out of town shopping centre. So they just settle for the nearest place with good public transport connections. Question 8- how did you travel to Stafford This bar graph shows that the majority of people in Stafford either came in a car or by the bus. Again I feel these results would be different if asked on a weekend because most of the teenagers living in the surrounding villages such as Penkridge will catch either the train if possible or the bus. So if this question was asked at a weekend I would expect to see both the train and the bus as the most popular type of transport. Question 10- if yes how have they changed? This question relates to question 9, namely, Have your shopping habits changed? My findings for this question meant that I was unable to put them into visual for. Therefore I will display them in bullet point form so it is easier to observe the given answers. They go to larger stores They find shopping more pleasant in out of town shopping centres. They prefer shopping indoors. They like the easy and free parking that comes with an out of town shopping centre. People shop less in a town People shop more in a town Question 11- Recommended further improvements for Stafford This question was the person replying to the questionnaire's personal opinion. This meant that this question had an open answer thus I was unable to produce a graph. The responses we got were as follows; More seats in the centre More specialist shops For Stafford to be cleaner Better public transport required Cheaper and more car parks required More of Stafford to be pedestrianised A cr�che for the children Less cyclists and skate borders ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Human Geography section.

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