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Coca Cola assessment

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Should Mongolia allow a 'Coke' factory to be built, or not? This assessment will look at reasons for and against the construction, before reaching my justified answer. Located in central East Asia, Mongolia's a land locked (world's second largest) L.E.D.C, bordered by China, in the south, and Russia, in the north. Mongolia's 1.565 million sq km large- similar to Alaska. Mongolia's climate's continental desert like- large temperature ranges. The terrain's a semi-desert, hosting arid desert plains, steppes, and high elevations. Rivers are plentiful in the north. Natural resources include fossil fuels, and (semi)precious metals. Coca Cola's an American MNC, consisting of the Coca Cola Company-producers and Coca Cola enterprise-beverage bottlers. ...read more.


Coca Cola claims its factory will improve living standards. It'll create jobs- paying above the minimum wage. Education will be affordable. Infrastructure (mostly roads), will be developed between neighboring countries, helping expand into more of the Asian market; also benefiting Mongolia. Mongolia's President agrees. Killer Coke says the company will force overtime, deny rights, and harm people. International rivers association claim the company uses a litre of water per can- Coca Cola tries to take over aquifers, worldwide. Mongolia's climate's (semi)arid, building in it factory poses increased drought risks-this has happened in India where the climate's similar. Water scarcity, via depletion and contamination's led to long term problems like yield failures in countries with a Coca Cola factory. ...read more.


'The coke side of life' appears to be destroying lives, livelihoods, and communities, Mongolia shouldn't allow Coca Cola to make them another statistic, by agreeing to the construction. Mongolia has other resources which can help to improve living standards. 'Coke's' biased, it seems they only really care about money. Many have filed cases against it's practices, and are winning. My decision will mean Coca Cola will probably face a loss; although they already make millions. In the long run it'll be better, as Mongolia's climate is extreme, water resources are unreliable, everyone could suffer from water extraction, and increased pollution's already a problem in Mongolia, more roads, especially long distance roads could be disastrous. They could also suffer from 'Coke's' mistreatments if they allow construction plans, and be in court battles with them, like many others are. Coca Cola should consider these. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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