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Environmental Essay

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How Global Warming Affects the Future of our Wildlife Taylor Dubois Native Studies 30 October 2009 "By the time you finish this [essay], one species will become extinct. By this time tomorrow, a further 150 will disappear; a year from now, so will 50,000 more" (Walker 222 Chatelaine Nov. 2009). Many species are becoming extinct due to the effects of global warming. It is said that nearly 80 percent of approximately 1,500 wildlife species studied, are currently showing signs of stress and endangerment because of climate change. People continue to contaminate our environment and it continues to put a strain on the animal kingdom. Changes in migration patterns are appearing, loss of food is a major issue, and loss of habitat and habitat displacement are becoming "disastrous for a multitude of species" (www.answerbag.com/articles/effect-of-global-warming-on-animals/40a09cb7-dd99-bf33-7cbb-a3fdab539b29). Global warming is a serious concern to a lot of people, but it is not projected as a major issue. ...read more.


The incessant drops in temperature, will continue to negatively affect all aspects of our wildlife, if the world does not do something to modify it's current lifestyle. The significant decrease in available food for our world's animals, also puts tension on their own development. Deforestation is a significant factor in the shortage of food for animals. This is the process where humans destroy a forest and replace it with something to further our economic expansion. "With deforestation, many tress and other plants, that provide food to herbivorous animals no longer exist, causing death due to starvation and malnutrition. This in turn has taken its toll on all other omnivorous and carnivorous animals too, making the entire animal life susceptible to extinction" (http://www.buzzle.com/articles/global-warming-effects-on-animals.html). Also, when animals realize there is not food available, they will venture off to human habitats in search of something to eat. This particular diet could consist of eating from the garbage and ingesting lethal things such as plastic, contaminated foods, or even metal. ...read more.


This is due to the melting glaciers which have caused the water levels in the ocean to rise. Furthermore, if our wildlife is without a place to survive, then they will continue to populate human habitats. If our people continue to carelessly go through life, disregarding the affects of global warming, then our wildlife will all face extinction. Considering all the facts stated above, people should strive to be more considerate about the effects of global warming. Global warming and climate change, is slowly beginning to destroy our wildlife population. "The National Wildlife Federation considers global warming to be 'the most dangerous threat to the future of wildlife'" (http://nwf.org/wildlifeandglobalwarming/effectsonwildlife.cfm). Because everything is interconnected, global warming not only affects the animals, but it also has an effect on the complete life cycle. This will cause our life on Earth to weaken and "some of the consequences will be irreversible" (http://www.buzzle.com/articles/global-warming-effects-on-animals.html). "[Defenders of Wildlife fear] that unless we take decisive steps to reverse global warming, more and more species will join the list of wildlife populations push to the brink of extinction by a changing climate" (http://environment.about.com/od/globalwarming/a/global_warm_wil.htm). ...read more.

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