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The causes of the Bangladesh 1974 famine are essentially physical(TM) To what extent is this true?

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'The causes of the Bangladesh 1974 famine are essentially physical' To what extent is this true? To some extent this is corrects however there were also human factors that contributed to the famine. There were several factors that were responsible for the famine, it was caused by consecutive hit of natural disasters such as floods and droughts, and man-made disasters such as the government's inability to import foods, the directing of subsidised food to the politically vocal urban population, an abrupt fall in food aid and political and administrative corruption that encouraged massive hoarding and the smuggling of food grain The floods that occurred during the monsoon of 1974 also accelerated rural-urban migration. ...read more.


Three districts Rangpur, Mymensingh and Sylhet were affected severely. Although the floods were a physical factor it was the government not identifying the problem that made the situation worse. A human factor that was a cause for famine was that the Bangladesh population experienced a drastic drop in their standard of living mainly due to major disruptions in economy and society caused by the war of liberation. The damage caused by the war was huge. According to the United Nations, Consequently, economic activity lagged behind the levels achieved in pre-war years. The downward spiral of real income and unemployment continued. ...read more.


The response of the government to the crisis was not enough. The response from international communities also fell extremely short of the need at that time. There was very less international aid than was expected this would have been a major help if international aid had arrived but this fell short exacerbating the issue further. The government's ability to procure food grain from abroad was limited by an acute foreign exchange shortage following the 1973 oil crisis, the unusual high price of rice in the international market, inability to obtain short-term credit, and non-cooperation of the international community. These are all human factors that causes the famine but these were hard to over come because these wee problems on a bigger scale that the Bangladesh government could not solve on there own. ...read more.

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